I'm Going to Kill You!

Reviews For I'm Going to Kill You!

They aren't REALLY going to kill you. Unless you listen, in which case you might die from Fatal Hilarity, or unless you don't listen, in which case they will come after you with freshly sharpened knives. So, to conclude, if you want to be killed, you can listen to, or not listen to, I'm Going To Kill You. But if you listen to it, you will die laughing, not bleeding from a knife wound.
This podcast is great to listen to. The two guys, George and Edward are so silly and always make me laugh!
In a world of formula radio and top of the charts music, these two offer up a platter of catty bitterness and unwritten brilliance. You will laugh, you may cry, but you will laugh.
These two and their cast of irregulars are really funny. You can feel their deep relationship through their snipes and jabs, listen to a handfull of episodes and you will forget that you haven't actually met them.