H.H. Pope Shenouda III Weekly Lectures

Reviews For H.H. Pope Shenouda III Weekly Lectures

ربنا يبارك خدمتك يا سيدنا
Ava ant saint
We love you pop shenouda ||| ربنا يخليك لينا بركه صلاتك تكون معانا
Thanks for you for every body help in that work + rabena ya3wad ta3ab ma7betkom ! Always the words of God will be every where +++
ربنا يبارك تعب خدمتك ..the best on iTunes
Thanks for all the people who made these lectures available to everyone around the world . And God bless our beloved Pope Shenouda , one of the greatest religious leaders . I argue you to keep his lectures updated and always post new ones as Many Arab speaking people own either an iPod or iPhone .
Please keep on posting those lecture.. it's our spiritual food


This is great. I am glad they decided to put the Pope's words of wisdom online. The only thing is it would be great if they updated it and posted the most recent lectures. Please continue posting the lectures
What a blessing this podcast will become for not just the Copts, but for all Arab-speaking Christians throughout the world. His Holiness' simple words create beautiful illustrations to help shepherd his folk unto the kingdom. I highly recommend his sermons for those seeking comfort and support in this fleeting world. Grace be with you. Amen