Tapestry from CBC Radio

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A spirit and soul inspiring podcast. Mary is a delightful host and covers such interesting topics. I look forward to the fall season.
I really enjoyed listening to Reza Aslan and Lesley Hazleton episodes. Although I find the program little too polite for my liking (it must be how Canadians are), I find the program very informative and interesting.
I wait for this program every sunday...get to listen to it when I spend summers in BC...miss it when I go back to California...no satellite radio at home...wish more of the older programs could be made available as podcasts...I find it always to be a very stimulating and thought provoking program led by a fine and informed interviewer...
this is not only my favorite cbc podcast but also my favorite podcast of all time


By jcb9
The same basic concept as Speaking of Faith from American Public Media, but with a much more irritating host. I like a lot of CBC Radio programs, but this ain't one of them.