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What a great podcast. I listen to every one of them, always meeting new people and launching explorations of authors I have often not met before. Eleanor Wachtel is such a perfect interviewer--so smart, so open, so in touch with her guest. I hope this podcast continues forever!
This is the best author interview program and the best author interviewer. Outstanding.
Thoughtful and thought-provoking, Elenor is one of the best interviewers I've ever heard. She is deeply versed in her subject matter and as a result asks questions that shed light on the writers as much as their works. She asks questions you wish you had been clever enough to ask yourself, but is never showy or self impressed. I regularly find myself so enamored by the authors that I can't resist their books by the time the podcast ends. Give it a try!
I regularly listen to several book podcasts and have tried many others. Writers and Company is by far the best. Eleanor Wachtel is a wonderful interviewer. She is very well informed and asks great questions but unlike other interviewers she never tries to compete with her guest or dominate the program. She brings out the best in authors. Simply a superb show.
Eleanor Wachtel is a literary treasure. She enters the writers minds with questions that they can only dream to be asked. And their answers are the most intimate, heart felt responses one will ever hear. Eleanor has created an insightful, sensitive and elegant literary salon that we have the privilege of attending every week. Mary Lou Leanza-Sullivan
I am loving these podcasts. Long enough (close to an hour) to get in depth interviews with writers who read from their books and tell about their lives. Very interesting and engaging and well produced.
I just started listening to Writers & Company. I really enjoy a good interview and that's what I find with this program. I loved the interview with Lynda Barry. It was insightful and fun. Thank you CBC and Eleanor Wachtel!
As an American living in Switzerland, I rely on podcasts to keep me up to date. I love everything about this program. It is so refreshing to get that in-depth interview. Thank you for making this available.
If you love books and great (really great) conversation, then listen to this. Eleanor Wachtel is a wonderful interviewer - nevers gets in the way of what the authors are talking about. The recent conversations with Pullman, Danticat, and a repeat of her Lessing interview are outstanding. The Scottish focus in Sep/Oct was topical, funny, smart and comprehensive.
I listened to your interview with Michael Ondaatje just yesterday, and it was wonderful. Last night I was wondering why you had never interviewed another great Canadian author, Margaret Atwood, then decided I must have just missed that podcast. What a great surprise, at 3:00 a.m. on a sleepless Sunday morning, to plug in my iPod and see that it's downloading "Writers & Company - 16-07-07 - Margaret Atwood interview." I may have to stay up a while longer yet! Keep up the excellent work.