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Hourly News has CBC and a ton of other top-of-the-hour news podcasts that play with 1-tap. It's like podcasts for dummies, super easy and convenient
The podcasts for the hourly news disappeared completely about a week ago. Where did they go?
I like the neutral point of view; Canadians have an interest in U.S. news, but they "don't have a dog in that fight," so their perspective is refreshing and much more like a weather report (just the facts, ma'am) rather than some kind of pre-game sports hype. Good work, my friends to the east, good work. Alaskans appreciate your good works.
With the Leftest and Hollywood news stations in the States, CBC gives a ballanced and real perspective.
I'm in the states, but I find alot of news doesn't makes its way into the US press, or when it does, it carries a certain bias depending on the news agency. Getting news from other countries (especially when it's news about evenst in the US) allows you to see things from a different pair of eyes-and sometimes, you get to see even more than you would otherwise. IT,s also helpful in case you're tired of being stereotyped as the typical Yankee that doesn't know anything about the rest of the world. Get the full story from places like CBC