CBC News: World at Six

Reviews For CBC News: World at Six

Really great quality reporting but very frustrated by the lack of regular availability as a podcast. As It Happens which follows the program is available almost immediately daily as a podcast, this program only seems to be updated every other day or so...
As a Canadian living overseas, it is a quick recap of what's important in Canada. If it's important to me, then I know what I need to search and read in depth. On my 3rd year of daily downloading and listening.
This is a great podcast, but whoever posts the 17h EDT version always posts the 21h EDT version from the night before. So if you download this podcast, and you don't what yesterday's news, heard by Vancouverites at 6 pm PDT last nigh, wait until 18h30 and get the World At Six from CBC HQ in Toronto. CBC's inability to fix this confirms what everyone outside the GTA mutters about the network.
Living in the US as I do, it's difficult to find good journalism sans opinion and sans fluff. CBC News World at Six finds time to include light hearted stories (nice if you get depressed listening to a lot of news), they're to the point and pick up on all the major Canadian stories in addition to a couple major global stories per episode. I only wish they'd get their podcast titling and dates correct as it throws me off sometimes.