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I agree w/ you. Any real human being will snap when they had enough & last week was the end of her keeping what she feels to herself. Was it right to answer back to JLo & Randy? Yes. Those harsh comments aren't the only harsh comments she go from them. Every1 knows she had the most criticisms about small things when other contestants get praises for being emotional or hitting high notes (but not really hitting em all).. Won't you get pissed off when someone says harsh comments about your passion or talent? If you say no, I won't believe you because that is unreal. Even people who are quiet & shy will get mad when they get embarrassed in front of a lot of people. I'm saying, all of em deserved to be in the top 3 & it just so happened that things happen for a reason. It's not like every1 loved Kris Allen b4 he did that Heartless acoustic cover of his. Haley has the most risk taking performances from the other 3. And that's the truth. I'm all for the girls this season btw! Go Haley! Go Lauren!
Well you were obviously wrong about the Lauren,scotty, and James thing! >:(. I don't like haleys attitude toward the judges. She still needs to be respectful to them. You need to give respect to get respect. Her voice makes me want to scream. She doesn't have a constantly good songs, but James does! Everyone knows that he deserves it more than her. He has worked soo hard! And I think everyone that has watched the show Has learned to love him I know I have. He was one of my racketeer and now he's gone so I home your happy!


By Bbbradi
I agree 100% with everything you say. Especially about Haley!!! Keep it up!!
WTFreak is this, its sooooo freaking boring