Reviews For GALACTICAST (Apple TV)

What gives, podcast lovers?!?!?! Show your love for the dynamic due of Rudy and Casey (and friends)! Of all the fleck and feldercarb out there this is the PREMIERE video podcast on all the 'Net! These folks deserve their own tv show... Casey, you should be the lead on SNL - you're ten times funnier than any of 'em and your costumes and makeup are da bomb. Rudy, Hollywood should come knocking on your door any minute now. This isn't some lame-o bunch of film school dropouts hashing out the same gunk you see on the Internet. These are some of the most talented and dedicated creative folks out there, and this is by far one of the best podcasts you could ever add to your iTunes downloads...!!!
The best online comedy show there is, hands down. You'll be sure to fall in love with the creators and cheer them on as they satisfy your need of belonging to an elite group of geeks.