Acoustic Conversations

Reviews For Acoustic Conversations

Bravo! This is exactly what podcasts are for: free programming of wonderful material, delivered with no agenda or commercial interruption. The hosts of this program have a relaxed, folksy style full of insight and humor that really draws their guests out, and that just makes for better music. As a result, I have this sense I'm right there with them enjoying remarkable talent in my own livingroom, shared with the intimacy only a wide-open song writer can provide. Awesome. I'm ready for the radio show!
I have found some of my favorite new music from this cast. I tell most everyone about it! Give it a listen, you won't be disapointed.
This podcast is FANTASTIC! What a great way to get connected to bands that are currently flying under the radar. Judging from the talent on display, they won't be flying low for long. This podcast is like a cheat-sheet for cool new music. Also, the interviews are both insightful and (at times) disarmingly funny. The makers of this podcast deserve a lot of respect for taking the time to shine a spotlight on new music, and delivering it in such a professional and enjoyable way. I love it!