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I was clued in to this podcast via the Funnybook Babylon blog and the contributors' commentary elsewhere, so I was predisposed to like it - and like it I do! Thoughtful, witty, and just the right balance between love for the medium and hate for the worst of the medium.
The FBB guys have very lively conversations and lots of intelligent insights into the world of comics. When they say "tough love for comics," they really mean it; you could get the impression they don't much like comics in some episodes. However, their criticisms are substantial and when they like something, you know it must be worth your time.
If you're interested in comics, and specifically interested intelligent, critical thoughts covering both indie and mainstream books, listen to this podcast. I get the impression that the four guys on FBB are all intelligent people, whose criticisms of comics go beyond the likes of Wolverine not wearing the same costume in multiple books, and instead focus on issues of craft, both in writing and artwork. Now that comics are a respected medium, it's important to have voices taking them seriously. I highly recommend this podcast.
Very insightful reviews mixed with moments of hillarity. Great to listen to while at work. Good job!
Well, I don't know if there's actually a lot of hype or not, but if there isn't there damn well should be. This is far and away one of the best comics podcasts out there, and pretty damn funny to boot.
Always a great listen. No one mocks crappy DC books better than these guys. (Or crappy Jeph Loeb books, for that matter.) And behind the snark there's lighthearted but intelligent discussion of a nice variety of books. Keep up the good work.
Always intelligent discussion often with humorous tangents, this podcast is consistently a good listen. You feel like you are sitting in on a conversation with your friends instead of overhearing an awkward conversation at your local comic shop. The incredibly knowledgeable hosts have a firm grasp on comics as a medium, and on the history of the comics industry, avoiding much of the fanboyism found in in other podcasts. Super-hero comics occupy a good portion of the discussion but where they excel is their handling of non-cape fare.
this is in my opinon the best discussion podacst! these guys talk about intresting topics & have good insightful, fun & sometimes argumentive discussions! a very good podcast!
What I mean to say, is that the conversations are given enough time to breathe that serious thoughtful conversations are had. Not so much with the listener opinion/interaction, occasionally some definite partisanship, and there is rarely, if ever, hectic jumping from book to book, giving a greatest hits account of "This Week in Comics." Like others have mentioned, the discussions are smart, funny, well-informed, and well worth a listen. The only half complaint I have, is the occasionally infrequent air dates.
With four different points of view that often times differ, FFB gives you comic analysis without the Marvel and DC hype machine. There might be some confusion if you don't follow the website, but most of the time the conversations stand on their own merits. Also, larger topics like the future of the industry are covered (along with more standard plot discussions). Overall, a great podcast if you care about the industry and not just the characters being used.
This is a pretty hit or miss podcast. The conversations seem real and fun but it also meanders and it's hard to follow sometimes. However, they're unique guys and all have different view points and as a fan of comics I really enjoy it.
Found this show about a month ago, loved it, wanted to let them know, and I find only 1 review. ONE REVIEW?!? Obviously, this is best podcast you've never heard of!!! To comic fans: The show is funny and smart as hell. Check it out now. To FBBP guys: Get up the great work
Some pretty smart insights on comics, both indie and mainstream superhero stuff. There's a lot of different viewpoints in the reviews, which gives you a good cross-section of opinions on the books.