Reviews For Zenprov

many a great takeaway to be had from this podcast! allot of stuff that works on allot of levels!
I'm fairly new to improv, as a matter of fact, I discovered the podcast right before my first class, but realized I needed to wait a little while and, then came back after learning the basics. I'm glad that I did. I love the concept of 'everything is a gift.' So far, I'm on episode 8 and am going to savor the episodes to come!
I could take a live workshop series with these guys... This podcast is a gift - on so may levels. Thank you & please don't stop.
THis has not only helped me with improv but also with acting all around solid help!
I'm currently a senior in a college improv group known as The Rubber Chickens (the name was chosen years before my time). We mostly do short form, but we tinker with long form and sketches, videos, etc. Anyway, I stumbled upon your podcast series the other day and I just wanted to say how much I enjoy it. We're all very familiar with the usual "Truth in Comedy" and whatnot, and while everyone likes to think they're well-versed and know it all, it's always good to hear even the basics over again, especially when someone new has a slightly dfferent take on it. Plus, I personally like the whole connection to slightly metaphysical, bigger ideas in life. So, again, good job. I look forward to more.
Being a young improv-er, listening and taking notes to these guys really has helped me learn about this amazing art. Anyone who wants to improve in their improv skills should listen to these guys. I Want More Zenprov!!! Keep up the good work guys!
Transcends suffering almost as good as my noble eightfold path. Sorry, my Pali is gooder than my English. Y'know I'm considered quite a cut up in the Pure Lands. Anyway I strongly recommend this podcast. I found it very enlightening. Ha! Buddha