Coyle and Sharpe: The Imposters

Reviews For Coyle and Sharpe: The Imposters

I was 9 years old when I found Coil and Sharpe on my chrystal radio set listening under the covers. I thought they were lost to the sands of time. Some of the best man on the street puton artists ever seen. So great to hear them again. Thanks for sharing them with the world.
Absolutely addictive. Candid Camera in audio format. Couldn't stop listening--just wish there were more!!
This is so great! Coyle and Sharpe were decades ahead of their time, and this is both a dose of great comedy and a fascinating look back. HIghly recommended.
Coyle & Sharpe were masterful at this sort of thing, and this podcast just serves to prove it. Love every episode!
I enjoyed the actual content, but the intro and outro were a total waste of my time. Consider lumping them together into like a half-hour show, then I would really enjoy it.
I strongly suggest that everyone begins taking five minutes out of their week to listen to this podcast. My life has significantly improved since I first subscribed. It's at least 60% more filled with joy and hilarity than it was before! Thank you,!
Maybe you need to be of a certain age to appreciate these guys. They are comic geniuses.
It's incredible to listen to these gags and realize they were put on in the 1960s. Coyle and Sharpe were very innovative, tricking people for more cleverly than Candid Camera or the other gag shows of the era. I only wish the podcast were a little longer each week, perhaps with two segments instead of one.
I've listened to only two of these so far, but I've laughed more than enough times to recommend this podcast. Hilarious!
Hilarious and totally absurd comedy from a simpler time. What could be much crazier than asking a stranger if he'd be willing to herd apples (with genetically modified feet) to another location so they could ripen?
I really am enjoying this. My only complaint is that the intros/outros are so disproportionally long and wordy, they end up getting very annoying. Just mention the URL once at the end where you can find out more info...and thats it. Please Mr. Thorn? Thanks.
But why is there a huge intro and outro? The editor takes up about 40% of every episode. The material is great, a good comedy to showcase, but listening to the same 30 seconds every time kills the mood.
if there is anyone out there looking for a decent podcast, this is it! these guys are the fathers of on the street pranks! its enjoyable 2 listen 2 and you should definitely give it a shot. and c'mon.....ITS FREE!!!! WHO COULD ASK FOR MORE???!!!!!
While being a little outdated, this podcast is still hilarious. Its interesting to see where this style of comedy emerged.
Hard to believe this was the early 60s... except for the fact that the folks they're putting on are so alarmingly credulous. This is really amazing, hilarious stuff. If you're into comedy, expecially alternative comedy, like Kids in the Hall or Mr. Show, you'll love this podcast.