The Bleeding Edge (Apple TV - High Res H.264)

Reviews For The Bleeding Edge (Apple TV - High Res H.264)

This is an excellently done tech podcast. For reals.
I like his reviews and sense of humor, but kill the green screen. Otherwise, a great review.


Previous Review: The Bleeding Edge provides users a great show in which the GearLive Staff shows off cool new gadgets that will come out, or how-to's such as how to replace an iPhone battery the non-apple way :). I can guarantee that whoever loves to learn about new stuff to come out will absolutely admire this show. Also, you don't have to wait like 2 weeks for the show, I usually find that it's updated every 2-3 days which is very convenient for those who like to watch new episodes all the time. 5 STARS!!!!!!. I like it the same way but I would like to add that it's awesome that it's even available in different formats such as High Resolution HD for those who watch this podcast on their Apple TV. GearLive leaves out noone when it comes to podcasts! AWESOME!!!
Great Podcast. If you need to install a new harddrive in your mac pro. This is the episode you you.
Love the professionalism and the knowledge. Thanks for all the reviews and the 'up-to-dateness' !
The Bleeding Edge is an interested name, it's like the cutting edge. All reviews you can't get your hands on anywhere else is right in front of your face. If you're into gadgets and want to express the love for tecnhology, this subscription is definitely for you.
This jam-packed tech podcast brings you the latest and greatest through a series of interviews that are well produced. The podcast is released frequently so you the material never gets stale, and the filming is one of the best I have seen in a podcast involving interview settings. You won't want to miss out on this one!
Great Podcast. Keeps me up to date with everything technology.
I absolutely love the bleeding edge shows, they have so much information packed in them. I highly recommend everyone to subscribe and check them all out!
A great podcast that is worth checking out. It's not too long and very informative.
love techy stuff, this pod's done well check out :: chicken pop pod [cast]
Love the podcast. I enjoyed the parallels segment. For the future, it would be great to get more screen grabs as the guest is talking about features. and how about mic'ing up the guest with a lav mic? keep up the great work, I'll be tuning in in the future.
Smooth, well-paced, easy to watch. Yes - it's an infomercial! No - nothing is fake or cheesy. Fascinating to see this product presented to a well-informed host by the guy who's best qualified to show it. Well worth the time for anyone curious about running Windows and Mac OS side by side.
Great shows, I really liked the one on parallels, showed some great feartures can't wait till the next episode!
Great interviews with in-depth information not found on many other interviews I've seen. Parallels interview was especially great.
I've watched a couple of The Bleeding Edge episodes and they provide solid informative interviews on a variety of tech topics.