The Kingery sci-fi crime audio drama

Reviews For The Kingery sci-fi crime audio drama

I started this show at the beginning and at first I was just listening to a few episodes at a time, but then I started to binge on my driving commute and now I’m catching the chance to listen whenever I can. I am addicted to the storyline and the characters of the Family. The acting is nothing but amazing, and I know some day I’m going to catch up to the current episode and will have to slow down to one episode a month - but that’s not today! Must have more!
All the characters start acting crazier and crazier and it’s just garbage content.
Everything ' s rushed , with bare minimum done . They need to stop putting out episodes and spend some time learning how to write . All the voices sound the same ,
The longevity of this show is really impressive. Over the years it has managed to reinvent itself and keep things fresh. If you want a grand sweeping story with fun and compelling characters this is for you!
Don’t know why it went on so long. Jumped in the last season. Why did this show make it to ten seasons? Who’s paying to make this?
Just found this while looking for OTR of which I am a fan. Delighted to see the tenacity, spent 10 years hosting and producing a podcast and know how much work it is. Excited to work my way through the archive. Enjoy the writing and how you bring it to life. Keep up the great work.
So proud to have been a part of this show. It's just so brilliant and original. Congrats on almost 8 years worth of a show!
This podcast started out really well with an intriguing storyline, but lately there is an increase in the foul language that really detracts from the story for me. If it does not improve, I will no longer be able to listen. I don't need to hear a "bad" word every other word for something to be consider explict; that is excessive in my opinion.
A wonderful thrillride brought to you by some of Pendant's best writers, the show never ceases to entertain, mixing action, drama, plot-twists and more than a little comedy. Fans of mob shows should check this out.
This is an excellent podcast, one of Pendant's best. Keep up the good work.
I admit, I was kind of skeptical of some of the promos I heard (a soul vacation? er, SOL?) but man, this is really interesting stuff. It's like the Sopranos on Deep Space Nine. A grittier kind of premise, and some challenging stuff for audio (like the officer who is a guy...hiding in the body of a girl), but you definitely get the picture. Shootouts and thugs and Tommy Arkell holding the whole place together (the Tony Soprano like character)...I honestly can't wait for the next episode.
This is what you'd get if you cross The Sopranos with Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy -- tough talking mobsters, gender-switching cops, technicians dropped into the deep end on their first day, and shoot-outs in an interstellar whorehouse. Engaging performances, intriguing story, amusing, and, best of all, FREE.