The Ring Has Chosen

Reviews For The Ring Has Chosen

I love this Podcast! I started listening to this when DCL came out. Good job guys!
No one other than Rian Fike aka Stubarnes is more passionate about the VS. System TCG than the hosts of The Ring Has Chosen. They completely cover every aspect of the game both good and bad. They do run long though as each podcast comes in at over 2 hours.
Without a doubt the greatest Vs. podcast ever. 2+ hours of Vs. content every week and never a dull moment.
Always informative & entertaining! Audio quality has definitely improved since the beginning
A very good program to help me get my VS System fix at work. Keep up the good work guys.
For anyone who plays VS then this is the podcast for you. They always have updated material that goes along with what is currently happening in the VS world and they always have great shows. So I defintely recommend this to everyone. Cliff and Squire keep up the good work and I really enjoy the show
This is a great show for anyone that loves the VS trading card games. The best part of the show is the intimate knowlege that the hosts have not only about the cards, but the flavor (comic book lore) of the VS system as well. I've found that most shows cover the game, but few really get the lore of the game which in my opinion is the best part. So Nice job kids.
You really can't top TRHC for up to date deck information and community info. They spice it all up with witty banter and a solid comic book knowledge base. LOVE IT!!!
Fantastic show. Awesome info and great editorials. Really enjot the comic history and decks of the week.
If you love a game of VS, and wild talk show style rantings, then The Ring Has Chosen IS the show for you. Joining the host Cliff Parmeter and Squire Kershner week after week is a rollercoaster of card game lovin' and comic book adoration madness. If you're interested in the VS System game from Upperdeck entertainment, you just might learn something as well.
Do you love VS? Well these guys live VS. News, Decks, Where the Card Comes From, and a plethora of audio-flavored enjoyment awaits. Check it out! You won't be disappointed.