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Thank u fr Jay.
I find all of Father Finelli's podcasts to be be very enjoyable. I was an altar boy just before and during the changes that were brought about by the Second Vatican Council. I fondly remember Gregorian Chant and also my father teaching me Latin Prayers so that I could serve mass. I'm glad that Pope Benedict is encouraging the re-introduction of Latin back into the mass.
I am a native of St. Augustine and an avid lover of Gregorian Chant. Cutting my teeth on latin chant in my choir in the 1950's and 60's. As a cantor in the church. I am very happy to have found your podcast. I have sent you site to all my musical friends. The depth of your presentaions are inspirational. Keep up the great work. Listener
but it comes to infrequently. I know Father is very busy, but I pray he will find time to continue this podcast.
In my parrish our music proffesor is doing a GREAT job with latin and this podcast let me practice and pray at home! Thank you Father Jay for this podcast. Please continue the good work.
A big help for those of us unfamilar with Chant, but desire to participate in this beautiful form of prayer.
It is wonderful. Always eagerly waiting for the next episode. You should all subscribe and listen to it. LOVE IT!!!!
Father Jay's podcast is just great. I truly enjoy checking itunes every morning to see if there is an update. Please check it out and subscribe. You won't be sorry!!!!!