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This show is great, and NPR is not.
I’m happy to cough up a little cash to keep listening to this gem. Not an issue of greed…it’s just like paying to watch an old movie you love. This show bring me back to a better time and I just love these two to bits.
I miss the great laughter from Tom and enjoy every episode. Now I’ve got them all. Great plan. Thanks Ray. Worth every penny.
Good podcast funny show
These guys are so funny. rip Tom. though I’d remove the subscription to listen to older episodes. And just keep going
I have loved Car Talk since my long lost youth. I do not, however, love the edited version now offered. It ruins the rhythm of the show and manages somehow to make it less funny. Please bring back the full unexpurgated shows. I might be willing to pay for a subscription to that.
Why are these episodes a lot shorter than the ones that were originally recorded? Seems like additional work for the staff to cut out portions of the program. Still funny shows, just less.
I really like your show keep being funny!👍
I’ve loved car talk for years and it is a real big part of my childhood I just love listening to these guys talk and make fun of peoples names!
This podcast is absolutely the best automotive show out there! A good listen for anyone, even if you don’t care about cars because Tom and Ray are very humorous. The bottom line: if you want entertainment, and like laughing, this is for you. If you like automotive related stuff, even better.
Move on don’t bother
Tom, RIP. Nostalgic yet relevant. Still just as funny. A dose of these guys will cure your 2023 blues.
Love the show enough to pay a subscription, but can’t justify when the episodes have been cut from the full hour to a “modified” format (unsure if this was for copyright or for NPR “political correctness”). Hey NPR: bring back the full episodes and we’ll pay to listen.
Too bad one of them died let him rest in peace 🙏
My dad and I love listening to car talk while on road trips and the four show rotation just isn’t enough. There are so many tv shows on rerun on cable that costs far more than the $30 annual car talk subscription. Totally worth it as my subscription helps support NPR and the shows I love. In these crazy times I would much rather tune in to Ray and Tom for a good laugh and maybe learn something than listen to all the anger that plagues America.
Great show tha I've listen to since the 80's. This was funded by PBS, so disappointing you can no longer listen without paying. I've supported PBS for many years, had hope this podcast would have remained free for all to enjoy. Guess profit is more important than loyal 40 year plus listeners...
Let’s see, NPR is funded by our taxes, and then they also have fundraisers. So their supporters are already paying and now they want to charge for old episodes of a show that is no longer in production? No thank you.
I used to listen to them on the radio with my dad. I’m so glad they’ve archived all the episodes and turned it into a podcast. I still listen to every episode!
This subscription service is very bad. Always enjoyed the show but unable to listen to old shows. Nothing but greed. Boo
This is the best show I’ve ever heard!!! P.s mellisa is a twerp a idiot and a dweeb p.p.s my former dog loves your show
I love the show but I wish that they would give more than 2-4 episodes at a time
I love the show, but it’s absurd that I can’t listen to old episodes that I downloaded without paying for the plus subscription. They’re stored on my phone! Let me listen to them!
Since the paid subscription model was put in place for older episodes, I can no longer listen to older episodes that I had downloaded and saved when they were free. Even though the episode is on my device, I’m prompted to pay to listen to it.
I would give zero stars if I could! This show has been around for decades. It’s been one of my favorites. Until recently, the new owners decided to convert it to a subscription podcast. Ok. Fine. Except for the fact that all of my downloaded episodes now require that I pay a subscription to listen to them! These are episodes that I downloaded years ago! I can see starting a subscription version from here on. But not taking away the ones that I had download over the years. So…Don’t subscribe to the show!
These programs are timeless, as are the jokes and the puzzlers. Tom rest in peace. Ray, take a break. God Bless Car Talk and Click and Clack.
Why can’t I I resume a podcast after I pause it? This just recently started.
Can’t believe the gall of NPR to want to charge for a long since out of production show that still runs fresh adds. It’s amazing how many great ongoing shows are able to make tons of money on an add supported basis and yet NPR somehow has to demand ever more money. Are they really that greedy or just inept at managing their costs? Too bad, it’s a great show that’s being locked behind a paywall.
I wish that the episode discription would include the original air date. Tom and Ray’s humor is timeless, but when a caller is discussing his 1992 car, a date on the episode will help us listeners decide if it’s a late model or a jalopy.
Growing up I remember hearing this on the radio as my dad would drive around on Saturday mornings. I’ve always had a special place in my heart for this show and it’s been wonderful to enjoy it now as an adult.
I have a ford ranger edge with 441500 miles on it and changed one injector one tune up a set of upper ball joints-go ford-Love car talk Now the truck has 602300 some other things fixed but still hitting the highway every weekend
When I was just a wee lad my dad would play this show in the car , I would get so mad thinking to myself, why would my farther wanna listen to this boring talk radio when we could be listening to Black Sabbath , or Iron Maiden! Well now I’m the old dad in my truck and my kids have to listen to what has come to be known as “ dads old guy radio show “ I absolutely love car talk I often find myself listening to the calls and shouting out loud , it’s the clutch it’s the alternator ect , thanks for the show and the memories great show


By swzsto
Even after all these years you are the greatest of all time!
My son and I still listen every day as part of our father-son ritual. Tom and Ray are part of our family. I wish it were a full hour however.
Laughs laughs laughs and learning about cars. These guys are the best! The OG podcasters before podcasting. Greatest show on npr.
I have been a faithful listener of the show for years and years. However, NPR is now adding in cultural and societal issues through ads and commentary. This “woke” and un-American influence stops with me. I have one power that you don’t like - that’s this — I’m unplugging the app from my phone. I don’t think I’ll be missing anything worthwhile. It’s sad that NPR has devolved into what it is today.
My complaint is that there are only 2-4 episodes available at any given time. And they don't change often. Why are there only a few episodes available? Can I please listen to all if them and not 2 every other week? This really getting ridiculous. Not only are there 2 new episodes every other week. They are deleted not long after. So there are only 4 episodes to listen to at all times. It’s kind of ridiculous. This show is a classic. One of the best. I am beyond frustrated and have stopped listening. I use these podcasts as a relaxation. And to never have a library of episodes has become an aggravation so I had to find something else. I just don’t get it.
CAR TALK ♥️👍🏼🤣. NPR 🤢🤮
Guaranteed laughs and memories of listening with my dad years ago, too. A wonderful twofer. I love that Click and Clack are laughing in perpetuity.
I just happened to come across this podcast one day looking for a good car podcast. I have loved this podcast ever since I found it. Only downside is all the old episodes are taken down for some reason.
Thank you for all the laughs you have given me and my family.
Most of the show is just silly off topic gibberish. Not enough Car Talk.
It's a great show. The greatest car talk show every produced. I started listening decades ago when it was on the radio every Saturday morning (pre internet and pre podcast days). Nevertheless, it's great to see it alive in airing past shows here. However, one thing - can't you keep the espisode up longer? You remove them after about a week of putting them up. Sometimes I can't get to them and next thing you know, they are gone. Be like other shows - just leave them all available.
My weekly Saturday morning routine includes “Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me “ followed by “Car Talk.” I’m thankful it is now a podcast. My Saturdays have been restored.
My childhood!
I’m not so crazy about this, but my dad loves it so, it’s still pretty good.
Informative and hilarious so sad that this show is no longer making new episodes.


By Pr.JD
I have been listening this every Saturday religiously. I wish you go back to the full hour format. This 1/2 hour format is anachronistic.