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I am an intermediate-level guitar player who has been playing my whole life. Desi Serna’s approach has really helped me unlock a lot of conceptual doors and I have come back and listened to most of these episodes multiple times. Highly recommended!
I cannot say enough about how impactful Desi’s GMT podcasts have been to my understanding,proficiency and enjoyment of the guitar. This is after playing for 30+ years. While I’m certain that everyone learns differently, Desi’s audio explanations with guitar in hand has far and above clicked with me moreso than any previous instructors, books, magazines etc, in fact it has better opened the door to these tools. Give it a try and see. Desi, I promise to buy some of your material, the podcasts alone have fueled my playing for the past two years. Great job, keep it coming, and feel free to pick my brain for future topics..
I haven't made it all the way through but what I've learned so far has been huge! Thanks Desi.
Desi explains familiar concepts in new ways. This podcast is a great way to keep learning guitar while you're on the move. When you learn something new you'll be excited to get back to your guitar and try it. Keep it up, Desi! I love this podcast.
I love this podcast. Perfect for the working man/woman.
I am finally starting to understand! Thanks for breaking it down! I've never had formal training or lessons but after listening to these casts and applying some of the information to the guitar I can already hear my play improve! I've had epiphany after epiphany and I'm just waiting to go home a shred till my fingers bleed!
Thank you Desi Serna, for providing a clear, concise explaination of music theory as it pertains to guitar.
Just happened to run across this and thought why not take a listen. Now I'm inspired to play again.
Very clearly explained.
I'm hard headed and he really lays down some knowledge it a way I can grasp it.
It's quite unfortunate that I cannot download the podcast it's full of useful information I'm on the road a lot and don't always have access to a cellular signal maybe it can be fixed soon
I've been playing guitar for 25 years and would consider myself an intermediate with a fair amount of music theory knowledge. Desi does a great job starting at the beginning and working from there. He gives examples to listen to and plays popular songs to enforce his point. Great job Desi, I decided to buy his book after a few lessons because I was so impressed with how he presents theory as it relates to the guitar.


By Skwarl
Fine desi, I'll write a review: I like it.
I've been searching for something to listen to that keeps this information fresh in my head, this is just I've been looking for. Very intellectual with some tasty guitar in there, too. I'm learning some new information and perspectives, too. Most importantly I'm retaining this a lot more than reading it, it seems to sink in deeper for me.
Awesome resource for guitarist and musicians in general! Demi has a great way of explaining theory and music so that it makes great sense.
Desi explains music/guitar theory better than any guitar teacher I ever had, period. He simplifies the concepts really well and mixes it up with modern examples that make listening and practicing much more interesting. I wasn't sure how well a podcast would convey these concepts since there are no visuals of the guitar, but it works incredibly well! He says the podcast is only for intermediate/advanced players, but I think it's good material for beginners to learn as well. I'd be much further along if I'd had this years ago. Planning to buy his book soon too. Definitely a podcast worth investing your time in!
I am super amazed at how much I am learning from these AUDIO guitar lessons (at first, I was skeptical). But, his explanations are so clear, it's like I sitting in the same room across from him.
Though additional visual aid is very welcome.. Like in iTunes U. God bless U Kreator of this Podcast.. Great playin'.. :)
Desi has done an outstanding job with these podcasts. They are very professional, precise, easy to understand and have opened my eyes to how important music theory is to learning guitar. I love listening to these when I ride my bike or walk. It makes me hurry home to get my hands back on my guitar.
I need to buy his book.
I stumbled upon this podcast and now I am working my way through all of them. The lessons explain complex music theory in a way that makes it understandable and fun. Desi has a teaching style that makes you feel comfortable and keeps you interested. Many questions I have had for years have now been explained. I listen to all episodes even the advanced concepts, just to get an idea of things to come. I am excited to practice what I learnin these podcasts!
Even though it's useful for guitar, the teachings apply to any musician wanting to understand patterns and theory more. He's really clear with his explanations as well!
Desi puts a complex subject in a understandable package. His delivery of the material is coherent, intelligent and effective. My playing has benefitted from his efforts.
Desi clearly knows his stuff. He communicates so well that I can visualize the fretboard and patterns as he talks through the lesson. I particularly his approach which assumes (correctly) that most of his listeners have a working knowledge of the guitar, most likely have been playing for quite some time but just never got that firm grasp on the theory that is so essential to tie it all together. Great stuff and well worth your time.
I'm really impressed with this series. I'm probably going to order his books at some point, because I think his way of distilling ideas is fantastic.
Desi, I want to say thanks for this series. It's been my experience no matter how long one's played or how informed they think they are, there is more to learn. You have put together information that is incredibly useful for the masses. Thanks again! J
Desi Serna is a great teacher. He comes across as someone who is a great guitarist and he wants you to be a great guitarist. He will increase your knowledge quickly. Thank You.
I've been playing guitar for 30 years and wanted to learn more about music theory. Desi Serna explains it an easy to understand way, and he makes the jargon of music theory seem less like a foreign language. He has real passion for and understanding of his subject. A fantastic podcast and teacher.
Best guitar podcast on iTunes
Learn terminology and theory here for the guitar. Horn players check elsewhere. You'll find things here that are not easily found elsewhere, and all with a focus on musical theory for guitar. Lots of musical examples are given, very well played. Get the guy's book, too; it's worth the money.
The best guitar teacher I've ever had keep up the good lessons
Material has been incredibly helpful. Will definitely pass the word along that this podcast is an excellent resource for guitarists looking to delve into theory.
Thanks for re-starting your podcasts Desi! I have really gotten a lot from your Fretboard Theory books and your podcasts and videos help reinforce the material. Having the verbal explanations and song examples is very helpful in building an understanding of the concepts as well as learning practical applications.
In 2009 I stumbled across Desi Serna’s podcasts while browsing through the iTunes store. I thought they looked interesting and didn’t cost a dime so I downloaded the first one and liked what I heard so I downloaded the others. That was the best decision I ever made as far a my guitar playing is concerned. I have always struggled trying to learn modes and scales and always just gave up saying, who needs to know all that stuff anyway, I’ll just play. Well, pretty soon that playing got stale and monotonous. I listened to podcast #7 and the light just went on. The way Desi explains the concepts made me finally “get” it. I then bought his first book, Fretboard Theory to enforce what I learned from the podcasts and my guitar playing hasn’t been the same since. I will be buying his second book shortly because I believe Desi is the best teacher I’ve ever had and he deserves to be compensated for what he’s taught me. I’ve also listened to podcasts 13 and 14 and am eager to take a deeper dive into those concepts in the second book. My playing has advanced more in the last 5 years than it did in the previous 23 years of playing. I can now improvise and just play and everything thing (most of the time) just works as I apply the concepts learned through the podcasts and book. It has also helped me immensely in writing songs because I now understand chord progressions and melodies. Go ahead and download all the podcasts and listen to them. Sometimes 2 or 3 times like I did to let it sink in. It doesn’t cost anything and you will find it well worth the time spent. Thank you Desi for putting out such great material.
Very good podcast! Can't wait to listen to the rest of the shows.
Desi is a great guitar teacher and he does a great job decorating this podcast so doesn't get old. I play guitar so this is very helpful for when I need to do other things but want to keep my mind on when I run. I recommend it for all levels of players.
I really enjoy this podcast. The information provided has already helped me advance in my understanding of the guitar. The presentation is clear and the quality of the audio is top notch. Keep em' coming. Thanks
I was hoping for something more advanced as far as scales types and exercises, oh well. It's good for the rank beginner who just knows a few chords.
Just really starting over with guitar. These podcasts are tremendously helpful to get ramped up fast.
Great information for guitar players at any level. Highly recommend this podcast along with "Fretboard Theory"
These lessons have been a fantastic reinforcement of what I learned as a teen and provide a great structure for teaching my sons in an organized and intelligible fashion.
Thank you for creating this well crafted lesson. I enjoyed the thought provoking ideas and the guitar licks that reinforced the discussion points. Desi's guitar skills and delivery is relaxed and his knowledge of music is well owned. I will be listening to more podcasts from Desi, as well as visiting his site.
I've had a hard time getting my feet under me in the effort to become a better guitar player; I've often thought that all I really need was to sit down with someone who knows the guitar and just let them explain it to me. Desi Serna does this. His breakdown and examples are clear, his discussions of them make sense, and my understanding is growing rapidly. Note that I am PREAUDITING the podcast, and have not picked up my guitar, and I have STILL learned a lot in the first 7 episodes. Thank you, Desi - I'll be looking into your material!


By "350"
I think these explanations of theory are good. He explains them in detail. I think this will help get out of the feeling of being stuck in your playing . Modes are cool but with out understanding how they actually work . Does you no good makes you feel like you not getting any where in music same old stuff even gets frustrating . This info, helped to realize how to use them in playing, thanks man!
Obnoxious and arrogant podcaster. Presents the material as if speaking to an infant. Horrible job.


I highly recommend this series of lessons. This has helped me immensely...and it's free?! Thanks Desi.