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wonderful images
When viewed at a normal distance of about 1.5 times the diagonal of the image (TV or photograph) the limit of human vision is the 720 spec. So don’t get hung up on numbers, just enjoy the show.
Love the HC, but would love it even more to view it on our beautiful LED TV. Unfortunately, it will not sync with our ApTV. Can you change the format in a manner that preserves it's beauty but also enables great devices like the ApTV to play the file? Also, have you considered a 3D version of HC? That would be great for the kids!
Anything astronomy is great with me. I really don't care about your reproductive habits, stick to the stars when your recording the show.
I am a new fan of astronomy and luckily for me I found this podcast, great quality, excellent images and very good production! Thank you Dr. J, excellent work!
The images are fantastic! The problem is they don't show nearly enough for the time and space they take up. These are large files; but they have far fewer images then other sites because of the way the site it put together. First problem is they have almost a full minute of introduction of the topic and credits for the site. And sadly they have almost a minute of credits at the end. So right off the top you've wasted 2 minutes on everyone of their podcast seeing essentially the same thing. Then for some reason on video podcast of a space telescope a significant period of time is devoted to looking a host (Dr. J) in the face. I'm not sure why they thing we want to spend about half the time that left after the opening and closing credits staring at an Englishmen while he talks. When what we want to see is the cosmos. This won't bother you the first time. But wait until you watched five or ten of these and you realize how much time is wasted and see how you feel. There are much better sites. Like the Chandra site. Sorry Dr. J, I for one do appreciate your need for attention. But, congrats on the birth of your child.
Being a new fan of astronomy, I recently found this podcast. I am still catching up, just viewed "Healing Hubble". Dr. J - thanks for presenting such amazing information to us! Please keep them coming!
I'm not an astronomy nut but am able to follow the podcast and find it thoroughly entertaining. It's like a weekly briefing. Plus, the host is great!
Wrong movie format for device??? These are podcasts for iphone/pad??? Right???? Should this not play on my phone?
I love it when someone's (Drewt7) review is nothing but some guy / gsl whining about someone else's whining. Wait! Now I'm whining about someone's whining about someone's whining..
it doesnt go on my nano


It is very educational and also very fun
This is a wonderful podcast, the HD quality is amazing on the computer screen. Unfortunately, I was hoping that I could watch this on my iPhone 3G S. It displays an error that this podcast is not designed for this device. I still loved watching it on my iTunes displayed on a 24" LCD screen. Let me take it mobile............ :-)
I downloaded 6 Hubblecast episodes to put on my Touch iPod only to find out that they couldn't be installed on "my" iPod. Very disappointed
My son, age 7, loves this podcast and I love the price. However, can someone explain to me the difference between the Hubblecast, hubblecast hd, and hubblecast full hd versions? Thanks
This is just a spectacular podcast!!! Educational, beautiful, well-done etc... -Just amazing! Can't say enough good about it. Our family watches them repeatedly. I have an old pc - almost 5 years old running xp and I have no problem viewing it. Won't run on my iPod video either, but I don't care. And - our own president can't say nuclear properly - ugh - you're handed galexies on a platter and are nit-picking about idiotic trivialities.
As podcasts go this is very well produced, it stacks up against any major TV series documentaries in production values. I am not a professional astronomer, more an avid fan of the science so my remarks would be: greater science depth and more frequent episodes, which is a compliment. On a decent Cinema Display with a good video card they are gorgeous to watch. Comments on Commentators: LLK and No TV, Only iPod... You cannot play HD format podcasts on many iPods. I own a a newer iPod Nano which plays video beautifully but not HD. Dr Richard... You mention the versions of software you have but what kind of video card you have or display, that has a great deal more to do with your ability to play any video successfully. Phil Gaskill Why is it necessary to refer to the narrator as a 'bimbo' ? Is this more to your own personal self loathing than women?
This series is perfection: Informative, entertaining, current; and in the end leaving you craving for more. I only wish there were more of these. What a great concept.
**For some reason the podcast will not download to an IPod????? Does anyone know why? So it is hard to review a podcast I cannot watch. If it is only for Apple TV, they should let you know.
I subscribed to the HD version by mistake. I watch it on my little iMac, and I am completely blown away by both the spectacular computer animation (which IMO is better than most feature films) and the beautiful photographs. Short but filled with good information. A great show for kids and adults and those with lots of astronomical knowledge or very little.
i'm loving these hubblecast episodes. definitely a must see for those who are interested in space/astronomy. looks amazing in HD too!
Drew7t has a point. I doubt that Apple is encouraging (let alone bribing) the ESA to make viewing podcasts inconvenient to its customers, and even if they were I doubt that the European Space Agency would accept any bribes. Apple doesn't care anything about the podcasts they list except that they'll be popular and are appropiate for most ages, so they aren't going to do anything about changing the format. Someone explain to the producers that a a couple thousand people converting is, in fact, MORE than one Hubblecast team member doing it instead.
I'm not sure about Dr's experience but I can't get this to sync to my apple tv(1.1) anyway..can't wait to see it. won't play on my old windows computer and too slow to convert to ipod
I have latest 10.4.10, and latest iTunes. Using a Mac Pro quad desktop. I do not have Apple TV, because the Apple TV spec is 720p rather than 1080i or p. The video does not play on my computer, but instead flickers. Similar result for Washington Post HD podcast. I know they are free, but these don't have to be worthless.
This is a great podcast for those interested in astronomy. It's not long at all, has great graphics, it's interesting and it doesn't take 30 minutes to get to a point. I highly recommend it. For the podcast that aren't posted in iTunes, you can go to the website and download them in different formats and sizes. Enjoy!
This thing rocks.


By .LLK.
The Best PodCast Out. P.S. It Will Not Go On My IPod Video???????????????????????????????????????????