Reviews For The Andrea Shea King Show

I have been listening to this show for several months now, and find it to be a good supplement to reading the news on conservative news websites. She has interesting guests on most of her shows and they give their own perspectives on current events. Of all her guests, I enjoy listening to Ann Barnhardt the most. Elizabeth Letchworth is another frequent guest, usually on Wednesdays, and she gives an informative break down of the latest events on Capitol Hill for the listeners. There is something for everyone here, but one issue I do have is when Andrea decides to discuss conspiracy theories, such as TWA Flight 800 and the JFK assassination. I agree with Andrea's political views for the most part, but her conspiracy theory programs cause me to skip that particular show for the day for the next day.
Andrea Shea King offers something new on every show. It's amazing all the guests she gets, you've heard them on AM radio and seen them on television, but when they come on to her show she holds them for nearly an hour without commercials. She's a bulldog, too. I've listened to her pin down ideologues and uncover the life stories straight from the mouths of heroes. She's a great interviewer, and plenty smart, so there's no slipping stuff by her. She's more than worth an hour of your time.