The Chronicles of Clovis

Reviews For The Chronicles of Clovis

Richard Corwest's most excellent and thoroughly spot on readings of the greatest short story writer of all time's most delicious tales simply can't disappoint. Whether you are a life long Sakian like me or new to HH Munro's work you will be delighted. Smirks, Laughs and arched eyebrows abound for all and sundry. In the words of Depeche Mode, I just can't get enough, so More Please Mr. Crowest! :)
If you're a fan of dry humor and early literary styles, you'll love this podcast! I heartily enjoy every one of these releases. I've looked for other Saki podcasts, but Richard Crowest has spoiled it for me...he does such an excellent job of reading Saki with just the right amount of wry seriousness and with perfect cadence, so that none of the other Saki podcasts are in the same league! You'll be glad you downloaded this one...
Wonderful stories from Saki, who was a brilliant writer with unparalleled wit, narrated beautifully by R. Crowest, who really brings the characters to hilarious life. Dry humor (humour) at its best! A terrific podcast overall, and very funny.Thanks to R. Crowest for hours of enjoyment and for introducing me to some wonderful stories.