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This is false crap!
Holy crap theres a new episode after almost three years! I love this podcast, one of the best I've listened to. More please!
I listened with an open mind, really intrigued, but I very was disappointed. The "new" research, the "new" ideas and "new" paradigms most of the speakers talk about are just a rehashing of what has being already said since medieval times. The difference is that they use good science to support silly spiritual beliefs. All I have to say is that if the ancient cultures were correct in all of their views we would still be taking people hearts and offering them to the Sun God, and that would work.
Download all these shows now, before they disappear! I miss these guys. Tolerate some audio problems - but learn about our world.
They cover important topics where others don't dare to go! This is one of my favorite shows! I just wish they produced it more frequently... The episode with the late John Burke is the best discussion I can find of his work.
I love this podcast because it gives you a wide variety of resources for topics that might be otherwise hard to find. The people they have on the show is wide and varied so you always get different viewpoints on the subject of ancient culture. I highly recommend this podcast if you are interested in ancient cultures. I don't always like or agree with the people they bring onto the show, but for me, that just shows they are willing to listen and look at a wide variety of viewpoints.
Im glad I just found this show today. I have always been fascinated by ancient civilizations and felt there was more to history than what we were taught in textbooks. I can't believe how so many live with their heads in the sand !! Mike in tx
I love this podcast. It introduced me to numerous fine authors whose work I have enjoyed. The interviewers are well-informed and respectful. But where are the new episodes?
this podcast has some excellent guests and the moderators are fantastic as well. its great to have such well-educated, credible individuals who obviously have tremendous passion & dedication to their fields as speakers on a program such as this. unless, of course, you're afraid of "words" or "consciousness"! hahaha! pesonally, i think fundamentalism is much more frightening : )
Walter and friends have done us all a great service by doing their research and making all of their interviews available for a wide audience at no cost. Thanks ! We need it ! Always stimulating, sometimes controversial, these conversations have opened my eyes to some new subjects, points of view, and more sources of information about ancient thought and technology. It's obvious.... there were a LOT of very smart people long ago, and they tried to tell us something important with their structures, stories, and symbols. If we're smart, we'll pay attention.
Very entertaining and intelligent. An interesting take on astronomy and history with excellent interviews and exciting topics. I only wish there were more episodes airing.
I find this podcast very informative and I enjoy it very much. Walter and Geoff have really worked hard in bringing forth people and their works, who are mostly shunned by the mainstream scientific world, just like the other reviewer, who somehow assume the authority to tell people what words should be in a sentence and what concepts we should believe just because they have the power to do so like any dogmatic religion. Pure arrogance. I wish Walter and his team luck and hope he continues this podcast for a long time to come and unravel a lot of mysteries.
When someone mentions "quantum physics" and "consciousness" in the same sentence, beware, he is either an idiot, or religious whacko, or both, but not a scientist.
This is an amazing series. I couldn't stop listening. Walter Cruttenden and Geoff Patino have really manged to bring the science and spirit of the past and the present into focus for all of us. They are just fearless when it comes to discussing the myths and legends behind any subject. In particular the November 5th episode on cosmic karma with astrologer, Marguerite Manning and the December 19th episode with Dr. Carmen Boulter were just fascinating. I now find myself obsessed with subjects I never before paid much attention to. Cosmic Influence is entertaining, enlightening and educational. Tune in, you won't be disappointed. I did, and now I'm more than just an occasional listener, I'm a fan.