Reviews For Redleg Nation Radio: A Cincinnati Reds Podcast

This podcast is a must for those who want to be considered true Reds fans. It is full of intelligent banter about Reds baseball. At least, it’s mostly intelligent. There are times when I don’t agree with the opinions being expressed, which, of course, means that they are wrong.
Out of market Reds fan who loves the internet and podcasts for access to team information. Longtime listener who has not submitted "viewer mail." Love this podcast, especially its attempt to balance enthusiasm w/ realism regarding the Redlegs. As a fellow Southerner and lawyer, I even don't mind Chad's "ridiculous accent." But, perhaps he could confine his "Lisoberto Bonilla" trill to every other episode. :-) Keep up the good work.
A very fun, informative, and addicting podcast
Just listen to it.
Love the pod! It’s like a place of refuge for agonizing reds fans. Let these guys run the team!!!!! HOWEVER! I don’t think I can stomach one more joke about not knowing who Joey Votto is (or any other player of high acclaim). I have to turn off the pod because it’s so played out. Give me more Lisalberto...but please no more playing ignorant jokes.
Great In Depth Analysis. Good audio. If you are a Reds fan, this is a must
Great podcast for going deeper than the typical hot takes that are regularly thrown around.
I look forward to this every week. Great job and I appreciate the time and effort put into the podcast.
One of my favorite weekly podcasts. Chad Dotson and his rotating co-hosts do a great job.
If you’re looking for reds podcasts, start here...THEN move on to other ones...and listen to all of them every week...thanks
Hands down the best Reds podcast available.
Enjoy your takes on the Reds and the laid back conversational nature. Goes well with your blog.
I usually listen to each episode until Chad or his cohost make their first “[insert hall of famer’s name]? Yeah, I think I’ve heard of him. He wasn’t horrible” joke. I rarely make it past the first 5 minutes. Their content is decent, but hearing this joke every 5 minutes of every episode has become like nails on a chalkboard. I’m not going to pretend to know how difficult it is to stay fresh and entertaining on a regularly occurring podcast, but please Chad, find some different jokes. Mix it up a bit!
Such a great Podcast! The information and guest are always great. Us Reds fans are lucky to have this!
Really enjoy this as a die hard reds fan. These guys (Chad, Jason, and Doug) know their stuff and they especially know the pipeline which is exciting through this rebuild. I appreciate Doug bringing his knowledge of the minor leagues, Chad's mostly amusing sense of humor, and Jason’s endless optimism. If you are an optimistic Reds fan ready to win the 2020 World Series like I am, you’ll enjoy this.
This is, by far, Chad Dotson’s best podcast.
This is by far the best Reds podcast I have come across. Chad is a true fan with a passion for both the game of baseball and the Cincinnati Reds. Redleg Nation is the podcast I look forward to most each week. Zach and Trent w/ Enquirer are okay, but this is the best content for any Reds fan.
These are regularly produced by folks who know their stuff. These are not cheap drive-by commentaries. They are students of baseball, proficient with modern statistical analysis and modern baseball strategy. You will learn as you listen. Hosted by Chad Dotson, his style is inviting and unpretentious. If you are a serious Reds fan with time for podcasts, these are a must-listen.
This is the best Reds podcast out there. They really get in depth about the Reds organization and leave no stone unturned. The host has a good sense of humor and genuinely has fun talking Reds baseball, which isn't always easy! He uses stats to prove points but in accessible ways. He knows his stuff. This podcast is a bit long and repetitive from week to week. But overall a great listen for Reds fans.
Good blend of humor and just overall knowledge of the reds and baseball
Great place for true reds fans to just talk reds baseball. Good insights and fun conversation from a true reds fan!
Always find this podcast informative about the reds and a place to hear knowledgeable people talk about reds baseball since I live in Arizona
Great insight into the Reds!
This is a must-subscribe for any Reds fan. Definitely one of my favorite podcasts!
The Redleg Nation podcast, which is an extension of the Redleg Nation blog features intelligent, yet fun discussion on the fortunes of the Cincinnati Reds baseball club. This podcast and the blog are musts for anyone who follows the Reds.
First, the positives and there are many things to recommend this show. Chad is obviously a passionate and mostly well-informed fan. The content is usually interesting and the discussions are catnip for diehard followers of the team. You do not have to be an expert on the Reds to enjoy the show. I have learned a lot about the team's history, roster strategy and minor leagues through regular listening. Now, to the less than positives. Chad, and especially Jason Linden, I beg both of you to please watch use of the words "like" and "y'know" as buffers between thoughts. I realize that you are not radio professionals but it's hard for ten seconds to elapse at some points without these falling into the conversation. The result is that it much undermines the enjoyment I derive from listening. And these errors are so easily correctable. Removing them would improve the quality of the Podcasts immensely. Second point of constructive criticism, the Podcast could better plan segments in advance. The talk about Brandon Phillips needing to be traded, Raisal Iglesias in the bullpen and Billy Hamilton's speed are interesting but they repeat far too much. Nothing wrong with restating opinions at some point but entire segments sometimes seem to repeat. I'd recommend taking new angles on old themes. Perhaps you might try a countdown of some type or go into history. Final point: It's somewhat vexing to hear the frequent claim that "Brandon Phillips is the second best 2b to every play for the Reds". In terms of WAR, Bid McPhee owns that title and he was almost as good as Joe Morgan.
Easily the best podcast I've heard regarding the Reds. These guys are funny, interesting, and they bring up solid arguments regarding the Reds. I could listen to them all day.
Reds fans are truly spoiled by Chad and his co-hosts. Great insider information. Content is always engaging. Great background on Reds teams I was too young to see. Good perspective for jaded Reds fans.
A must-listen if you're a Reds fan!
Very enjoyable to listen to, does not run on too long (time flies when you're having fun!). Just like having a conversation about the Reds, looks at every aspect of following the Reds that is relevant at time. Great!
Great podcast if you're a Reds fan. Chad and bill know their stuff and are hilarious. Keep up the good work guys!
Very good Podcast, great insight to all things Reds baseball. However, needs to be shortened to about 30 minutes. Podcast gets long winded and redundant when it goes an hour. Cut out the silliness and excessive chatter you can share the exact same baseball insight in half the time.
Fun, casual, humorous, and great insight into the Reds.
I love the Reds. I can't stand this podcast. The host shouts his questions into what I can only assume is the built in mic on his computer while the occasional guest chats through what I can only assume is a telephone made of yarn and tin cans. How is something that sounds so terribly amateur listed in a "professional" category? The host knows his stats, but should probably... I don't know... listen to what successful radio hosts do and try to imitate that? I appreciate the effort, but this podcast is a challenge to sit through. Reds fans deserve better than this.
If you are interested in intelligent Reds discussions and news, this is the podcast for you. Keep 'em coming, Nation!
Thanks for all the Minor League updates, and keep em coming to your podcast interviews the Karma seems to be workin! Steve S
Very informative and entertaining. Keep up the good work Chad


By D7-12
The Reds are on an incredible roll and there hasn't been a podcast since April 16th. That is awful, nobody on your staff wants to talk about the Reds? Come on guys you are better than this.
I am a dedicated Reds fan and have subscribed to different Reds podcast but this one is by far the best. Everything about the Reds is covered from pitching, offense, defense, and what's happening in the farm. The host is knowledgeable and very easy to listen to. You don't need to be a big fan to enjoy this podcast.
If you are as obsessed about the Reds as I am, this is the ONLY podcast out there. Great stuff. Very in-depth and incisive interviews with Reds minor leaguers, broadcasters, any number of people around the Reds organization. Hope they keep them coming. Love RNR!
I really enjoy this terrific podcast with keen insights, unique and indepth interviews about our favorite team. Best Reds show out there! Keep 'em coming, Chad!