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Love these windows into your lives. When will you be doing another podcast? And, what number are you on? Keep up the good works. Kym0925
I'm a long time listener of FWR and have enjoyed all the time I've spent with Tim and Nanette. They are a funny, clever, atriculate great sounding and less filling. I won't miss the graphic dental reports, but you know, that's Tim and Nanette.. as transparent as Saran wrap. What you hear, is what you get! I wish more podcasters would use their model and just have fun doing what you enjoy! I really get that from Nanette and Tim...they have fun!
...and welllllcomme to For Whatever Reason! Podcasts come and podcasts go, but FWR is always on my ipod. I look forward to every episode. Tim and Nanette work their magic and make sparkling entertainment out of everyday life. Make Tim your beer guru and Nanette your culinary consultant. Ranger John
This is a podcast that is sure to make you smile and laugh and it might even inspire you to cook or become an LSU fan. Tim and Nanette are engaging and you will simply love to listen...even if you don't cook or like football. This is one couple cast that should not be missed. The quick witty segments are terrific. Tim and Nanette will quickly become your friends!
There is a metric tonne of podcasts out there to listen to. Why should you even give this show a try? I'll tell you why. You like to laugh. You like that warm fuzzy feeling you get when you eavesdrop on a really cute couple in the restaurant and the wife takes a comedic verbal jab at the husband. You like food. You like college football. You like a variety of alcoholic beverages. That enough reason? Go Listen!
'For Whatever Reason' is a fun Podcast. The highlights are Tim and Nanette’s obvious loving friendship and the food discussion. T&N both love to cook and love to eat. They share their lives and exchange recipes with listeners. Both T&N are ‘geeky’ enough to take pride in high production values so the show sounds very good. A great Couples Podcast!
Two married people talk about life. A positive fun couple who enjoy life. Small segments of cooking, local very local sports updates, and southern charm. This show will hook you in fast. Top of my list of show.
Tim and Nanette bring fresh content every week. There is something for everyone and you'll always find yourself suprised by the content and the fun.
Tim and Nanette have a wonderful chemistry that makes this couple-cast great. I look forward to every episode!
Tim and Nanette do such a great job on this show. I finally started listening at episode 18 and am glad I finally gave 'em a listen. Great 'cast for commuting!


This is the best couple cast I've listened to. Tim and Nanette keep things moving along as they give us a run down opn their lives. They even have a cooking segment which suspiciously has been weighted with drink recipes. Love the Show! Kentie


I was hooked after the first episode I listened to. I look foward to every episode.
If you are looking for a nice little podcast to listen to, this is it. Great job Tim and Nanette!