If: Irregular Frequency HMK Mystery Streams

Reviews For If: Irregular Frequency HMK Mystery Streams

Audio Brilliance: The sound within the field of audio that is brighter than the ears are typically adapted to! The quality of being magnificent or splendid or grand! Splendor; genius!!!...
I just got hip to the HMK Mystery Stream. Now I'm hooked. Great collections of music and sounds, masterfully weaved with style and mad science. Whoever puts this together must live a duplicitous life in the past and the future. Not sure they're sane, but I know I like it!
An amazing batch of compilations from a great designer and collector of all things super cool. Pay attention to the pauses and tonal changes in each podcast – they are put together with an amazing sense of detail. I can attest to getting lost for hours listening to these with friends at the Tiki Room. Wow! Zoom over to Flickr and check out the cool podcast artwork that accompanies each podcast. The podcasts are great mood setters and perfect party companions.
This stuff makes me want to swat my secretary's behind while she freshens up my coffee!
Always an oasis that helps separate from the masses and the micromanaged workplace
An eclectic combination of clips, soundbites, and great music. How do you find the time to make these things??? A must download for fans of 60's surf, international and jazz. Keep on streamin!
Most enjoyable. This eclectic collection is never dull. Everyone in my office loves it. Thanks Miguel!
Born from the depths of an immensely resourceful musicial mastermind - indeed a rare find.
Cool sounds concocted by a true visionary.