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Cloverfield is truly one of the great monster movies simply because of it's originality! Making a POV monster movie is such a great concept ( thank you JJ you have delivered again). Unfortunately the movie fails to live up to the spectacular opening, in the middle after they get out of the sub way, and a character explodes the movie kind of gets stale the only life arriving when the team occasionally meets up with monsters. Which is where this movie shines. The two monsters in this movie areAMAZING. the velociraptor like parasites that fall of of clover and clover herself. Scenes where you see glimpses of clover are the coolest parts in the movie. And props for that awesome crossfire scene followed by the scariest part in the movie. So all in all I gave this movie a four because of the hit and miss acting, which was mostly good but had a few misteps. One final nugget of awesomeness though while I was watching the special features they said that clover is a BABY which really adds to the mystery of the whole plot. I wish they had told more about where clover came from and had focused a little more on the script but all in all this was an awesome move an I reccomend it...NOW!
I don't know about this podcast, but the movie was terrible. The first 30min was wasted. And it didn't get any better after that. To top it all off, the ending just made me mad. And then to add insult to injury, the two alternate endings were just as stupid.
Next to I Am Legend, that is. I just bought this movie on DVD today, and I had forgotten how amazingly, freakishly, purely, undeniably uber awesome and frightening it is. Some of the special features were interesting. The idea for this movie came about when one of the directors went to Japan with his son, and walked into some toy stores. "In most, if not all of them," he said, "Godzilla was still featured. Japan has had this history of having really amazing monster movies, and Godzilla was their trademark. So, I thought, 'Why can't the U.S. have their own monster?'" And Cloverfield was the result. The monster has been dubbed "Clover". Not exactly clear on WHAT Clover is, though. He definitely looks alien, if you watch the special features... then if you look carefully, you can see... *something* falling into the ocean at the end... This movie rocks. So hard. Buy it from the store, don't wait for iTunes to rip you off with the renting option. This movie is too good for the renting option. Of course, so are tons of other movies on iTunes...
I went to see this movie twice in the same day...I have to say it is the best movie ever.....action movie is Talladega Nights..hands down
I haven't seen the movie yet, but i did see a preview for it when the people are having the party, and then suddenly out of nowhere you here this sound, when i saw that and when i first heard the sound of the monster's roar, i got chills, that was the most terrifying roar i have ever heard.
THis has to be one of the greatest movies that i have seen in a while even better than I am Legend this podcast isnt very interesting but i suggest going out to see this movie defenitely worth your time and money
special effects were great. i saw it twice because i loved the use of the hand held camera so much. it made it seem insanely real and i was jittery for many hours after seeing the movie.


Just saw the movie last night, it was awesome, but if it wasn't for dennis, his site, and his podcast, cloverfield probably wouldn't be a part of my life thanks a bunch for providing me with the info about this awesome hell of a movie you rock!!!
This movie was so badass im def gonna see it again, GO SEE IT!
Just saw this movie tonight....i've been waiting to see since i saw the teaser trailer before Transformers....It was AMAZING!!!! A must see!!! can't wait to see it again...i'll def be buying this on Blu Ray! also saw a trailer for the new star trek movie that Bad Robot is making...looks pretty cool


By wilven
Gotta love guys who put this level of effort into such a great resource for folks who are just watching the game. Thanks for the play-by-play on this awesome ARG.
What a great podcast idea! Me being one of many, I know how big of a movie Cloverfield is becoming, and I want to know more about it! Very interesting and informative! The the episodes coming!
Being a nerd it's hard not to get into Cloverfield. This is an enjoyable podcast that should have some new episodes out.
P.Bear here... I wanted to give Dennis props on all of his hard work, and up-to-date info. As I frequent his site and Un-Fiction, I notice that he is one of the elite few that really offer new information, not just silly theories. He has a good following. You can trust his info, unlike other quick-to-jump-on-the-band-wagon sites that are littering the Cloverfield ARG world. Keep up the good work Dennis! ~Thoughts by Polar Bear~