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Scott, Please keep TFS going somehow, some way. Tell us how to help you make that happen! :) We need our TFS back!
Everything Scott Johnson does is great. He has a great voice, his shows are well produced & funny, and his opinions are interesting and insightful. I could say the same about his trusty sidekicks Nicole & Brian. They have great chemistry together.
I was listening to my first episode, when out of nowhere one of the guys spoiled the ending of breaking bad? seriously? Why would you do that? even more importantly why would you not cut it, or at least warn people?!
Scott is always great. Brian gets a little annoying at times when he pretends to be stupid but it's not a deal breaker. If you have a Playstation or PC then you're going to enjoy this podcast. If you're an Xbox gamer I wouldn't bother downloading this podcast. None of the hosts even own a Xbox ONE. Keep up the good work and think about bringing in more guest stars to get a wider variety of games to discuss.
Love the different genre of games covered. Though recently Nicole's negativity and snark to games she doesn't like or simply don't know about is getting on my nerves. The show is still top on my list.
First time listener. Love the chemistry
Ya'll good, real gooood.
The chemistry between Scott, Nicole, and Brian leads to the most entertaining and informative vigga game podcast I've heard. The segments are fun with some good info on video games and great entertainment in-between. This podcast is one that I must catch at the expense of other podcasts.
The three hosts are great together! Scott is the chocolate, Nicole is the raisins, and, of course, Brian is the nuts! You can tell just by the sound of your voices you love to play and love to have fun so I always feel the reviews are genuine! Thanks again!


By JJOien
Keep up the good nizzles my fizzles!


A great podcast that keeps one up to date with whats hot in the gaming universe. Having mature gamers, gamers, talk about the multitude of games that they are playing is a great respite for the monotony of the day.
I love this show so much it makes me want to slap my momma. Love the show though!


The Final Score podcast is my favorite podcast on the Internet. My job permits me the ability to listen to any and all podcasts I come across, and this one is definitively my favorite. Other podcasts are hosted by people that have a certain "I'm a video game journalist and therefor I'm better than you" type of attitude. I'm a normal guy and I like the down to earth approach they take on the Final Score. I do have one complaint, they don't record enough! I vote you guys should lengthen the podcast or record them more often, I need my Final Score fix! Rest assured if you need a Kickstarter I'm willing to throw some money your way! Keep up the fantastic work folks, I'll be listening!! Scott Johnson is a genius!! Note, review by Josh Delaney, not Angela Foster.
Listening to this show is like sitting down with 3 of you best gaming friends, some drinks and talking about all the latest and most fun games from the past.
Nice, Scott! Love the gameplay video idea. Keep 'em comin'!
This is one of the few video game podcasts I listen to as soon as it comes out. It's a lot of fun, and their section about old school games is just awesome. Keep up the great work!
I dig this show. I really thought the old format was more in-depth but I can tolerate this new call-in format. I think Brain makes me laugh most on this show and I appreciate that. Good Job all.
Glad the show is back!
Love the new format, live callers are an awesome edition, loved getting to chat with you guys, even though I was super nervous. Keep it up!
Listening to the frog pants network for quite some time, love all the shows scott and the team ism putting out there. This happens to be one my favorites and the new style that you deliver on is a much improved version. The callers add to the overall scope and pace of the show and as we all know live callers can be a fun time in and of themselves. Keeping old school was a great idea, best part of the show, over all though I'm loving the new format keep those game reviews, opinions, and jokes coming -luiquidice
Excellent podcast and one I always look forward to. I especially like the Brian Playing Badly segments where we hear him fail repeatedly at a game. The hosts each bring different perspectives on games both new and old, and have helped me decide what games I might enjoy playing myself.
"Dude get Skyrim on PS3 it's way better there." It's awesome except for the game breaking lag issues. Well luckily enought for me I got it on xbox. I just wanted to throw that out there. Great podcast though. Keep on going!


Great group. You can tell they are having fun with their reviews. I find myself waiting for the next episode to help me determine my next game purchase.
more floting whale pleaze
Listening to this podcast reminds me of my friends talking gaming back in school. They dont feed you a list of new releases but rather discuss what they're playing, what they are looking forward to and what they played that was just aweful. The only reason I cannot give this 5 stars is a certain cast member's opinion of the southern United States. The assumption that we're all racists and full of hate is just as hurtful and wrong as assuming another state is full of crazy polygomists. Stop the double standard and I'll throw that 5th star on here. Sorry, but this has been grinding my gears. I love Frogpants Studios otherwise.
Only little sissy farts.
Nicole, Brian, and Scott are the best video game podcast on the Internet. This show is two parts nostalgia, one part news and commentary, and the relationship between the hosts is enviable. At times adversarial, the witty banter found in this podcast will remind you of conversations had in your friends basement after a long night of gaming. Just add warm 7 Up and the time machine is complete. Keep up the fantastic podcast.
Great quality podcast like all that Scott does. I have a theory that Nicole and Brian are secretly in love. I'm onto you two!


I love most of the Frog Pants podcasts but this one just doesn't compare to other video game podcasts like the Giant bombcast, the hotspot, or the 1up podcast. My main problem is just the lack of in depth knowlegde that the other video game podcasts provide, it might be good for more casual video game fans but for me it just doesn't do it
I love this podcast! BUT Brian. If you were in my raid group with that Fisher Price microphone, I would ban you from vent.
I've been listening to frogpants shows for a few years now, and I still can't wait each week for new episodes. The Final Score keeps me smiling at work and at home. Thanks for the great work Scott, Nicole and Brian, keep it up!
Everything Scott makes is quality, but beware. The podcast is obviously done via skype and the co-hosts drop out constantly. The last episode was absolutely horrible in this regard. It would be 1000 times better if Scott would just get a couple of people from his neighborhood to physically go to his house and talk about games. Seriously, anyone can do it, and you wont have all of the highly ANNOYING dropouts! Did I mention that I can't stand the constant co-host dropouts?
Brian is has so many funny little moments the go unheard.
These guys and lady are to blame and thank for my growing library of must play games. The way they enjoy and share their game experience makes me want to be their close personal not in a creepy way.


It's better then peeing blood while chewing razor blades haha lol
Scott is rock solid. I could listen to him talk about paint dry and be entertained. Brian is funny. Nicol is the brains of the bunch!


By Putty2
In summation, five stars and awesome.
I love your show. It's really great to hear other's opinions on games. I agree with Jack about Brink. Great show and I'm glad that it does not have explicit language.
Very funny and informative. They give a good mix of video game news and reviews. Great podcast for the people that enjoy all kinds of video games.

By LouG2
It's a great show that offers well-rounded news, critiques and hilarity from Scott, Brian, and The Spag! I love it! Keep up the great work!
They had to use there xbox's for a week. And worried that people might have to buy games on xbox rather then ps3?? You guys seemed really bummed out about it.. Both systems have great things to offer You guys should really advertise this as a ps3 Pc show only. U play 360 when forced to and never say ur plyn anything for the ds or wii Which is cool just not well rounded info like one might get at gamefly. Really enjoy other frogpants casts esp morning stream and app slappy and the info for ps3 and Pc is decent here but anything else I would look elsewhere
Scott is a tird monkey and Brian RULES. Nichole well she has a really hot voice when she's sick. Other than that it's a great amateur podcast.
The Final Score is the best All Around Gaming Podcast Ihave heard. I am a PC Gamer myself, but I find all of the coverage of the PC, console and other formats always interesting and very entertaining. As always with Frogpants Studios productions the chemistry between the hosts is great, and Scott leads the show in a way that makes this a must listen to every week. Please keep the shows coming!
Unfortunately I have had to be in the hospital on several extended stays the past couple of years, but discovering this, and other frog pants podcasts, have given me something to look forward to every week. The hosts are friendly, entertaining, and most importantly they are knowledgeable. They are not in the industry and that adds to the allure, making this show seem like you are a part of it. Heck they even put the prizes up from their own stuff. I would just like to thank Scott and the gang for putting this show out there. If I could pay them for their hard work I would. Someday I hope to make it out to Nerdtacular after hearing so much about it, then I can thank them in person. Thanks again guys, you rock. DONE DEAL!!!!