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I've listened for a while and decided to add my 5 stars. This podcast is great for its hosts' humor, anecdotes, and coverage of upcoming games. They spend time picking apart the fascinating (or questionable) trends in the video game industry. Each host has different opinions and tastes, and they aren't shy about butting heads on certain topics, which makes for great listening. An American, a Canadian, and an Englishman - it's not the beginning of a joke, it's just a great recipe for a great podcast.
Wassup fellas? Long time listener here. Glad to hear that the show lives on. Here's my iTunes review: the show is great, needs more bonus content on comic book movies/TV shows and other nerd stuff of interest. Keep up the good work!
still loving the show, keep up the goodness.
This is one of the best gaming podcasts on the interwebs.
BRB. Love the podcast even though the way Pacman says, "with" (wiff) drives me nuts. Really enjoyable podcast and I really enjoy your converations and opinions. -Ormie52
Glad to have u all back you all have been missed! No more life stuff make podcasts ;) Nellie
love this show the guys are funny and always bring the latest info on gaming news and games i might or might not want to play. murica
I've been listening to Dave since the SG days. The guys on the current incarnation of the cast have great chemistry and are a pleasure to listen to each week. This is my favorite video game podcast (and one of only two that I have maintained a subscription more than a couple weeks).
Look forward to listening every week. Only 5 stars because iTunes won`t allow more.
Awesome podcast with questionable opinions (kev) but you learn to love it.
Big Red Barrel is the first gaming podcast I listened to and is still among my favorites. I love the diversity that they bring every week, having representatives of my top 3 English speaking countries ;) It’s also incredibly refreshing to hear opinions from laymen like myself rather than people tied to the industry directly
This podcast is AWESOME! I started listening a few months ago and these 3 have something most podcasts don't...personality. They're funny as hell and Kev's accent is epic. I love that they play the same types of systems I do, playstation and some talks on PC but they even include Xbox. They're always honest and get pretty in depth which are the conversations I like. I haven't been disappointed yet, always full of laughs on my drive to work. Only thing I wish is they were a bit more consistent on their releases, sometimes they miss a week but I get it, it's quite a challenge to keep something like this up every week. So kudos to you guys, keep doing what you do!
It's good to hear this podcast each week. Keep up the good work guys.
I'm just here so I don't get fined.
Cool gaming podcast, each host brings there own unique personality and takes on current gaming news and topics. Definitely worth checking out.
Snappy editing and knowledgeable hosts make this a must-listen podcast by gamers, for gamers.
You guys always do a great job on this podcast. Always filled with lots of content. Thanks for all of your hard work in getting these podcasts out Dave!
Or something. It's "awesome-adjacent" at he very least. But really, it rocks. #FlynnLives
It feels good to have somewhere to hear about games again in some format, I dont have internet and havent had a place to hear about video games since g4 was good! You guys are all great! Shout out Jordy, Joey, and Lily from Maryland!!!!! :)
Consistently good.
You're making me want to cave and buy Destiny...... Anyways, Thanks for the great work on all the podcasts.
Kev, Pacman, and Dave are still providing excellent content after all these episodes. Thank you DAVE for the editing and behind the scenes work. Thank you KEV for the awesome theme song. Thank you Pacman Polarbear for bringing you obvious passion and opinions to every show. Subscribe NOW!
What do you get when you mix an Englishman, a Canadian and a drunk American, throw in some honest game reviews and add a pinch of satire? THE BEST GAMERS PODCAST AROUND!! *or, a really smelly stew...that's still AWESOME!
This was the 1st time I listened to this podcast, at the 50th episode so I know nothing of the individuals before this. Overall I really enjoyed this podcast with exception of one issue. It felt that every time Dave opened his mouth about anything Sony related there should have been a disclaimer saying "I am a huge Xbox Fanboy". Other than that I thought Dave and Kev had a great sense of humor and both knowledgable in the industry. I also really enjoyed the main host Pacman, he was really good at steering the conversation and keeping the show fresh. Overall the cast was great, all got on well together. Funny, and fed off each other well. My only issue being what seems like an Xbox bias by Dave. It was great to listen to and no matter what your preference of way to game should be given a chance!
I agree with a recent reviewer who mentioned the old news these guys talk about. For example, in their latest podcast they talked about Witcher 3 being delayed more than two weeks after the news came out. Sometimes it feels like Kev and Dave aren't too interested in the news but the other guy keeps on going on with it. BRB isn't bad by any means, I like it, but it could easily be a lot better. And play more games guys!! You hyped up Titanfall forever and have hardly even talked about it.


By Twigdor
If you like getting your news two weeks after it breaks, look no further.
Thank you, for all you have done for me. I have made it through the hell pits of fire of 7th grade, and into the last trimester of 8th until high school with you. Thank you for being their with me since The beginning, giving me a laugh when I needed it, or helping me get through the hours apron hours of homework. You might not known it, but you have made my middle school career bearable. Thank you so much, you might have not known what you have done for me, but you have done so much, and I can not say enough, thank you.
The views and opinions presented by these guys are inconsistent and lack a lot of logic. Sound uninformed about the industry they cover. Also, they are not as humorous as they think.
Enjoyable podcast that had a great blend of humor and relevant topics. Superb editing had me listening closely the whole time.
It feels like the industry has become increasingly cynical, and this show is a breath of fresh air because it is just three dudes who love video games and are more than happy to share that love. The three distinct personalities of the hosts mesh extremely well, and the knowledge and ever-present humor are a welcome weekly addition to my podcast queue.
This is one of the podcasts that all other podcasts should be compared to. Dave is a master editor, Kev brought it with the theme song, and PacManPolarBear keeps his finger on the pulse of the gaming industry. These guys are great together. Keep up the good work guys!
[EDIT]Raised to five stars because I've checked out a lot more podcasts lately and they're one of the best. And props to Dave on the theme song.. I get what he's going for and it's well done. Nice guitar tone too. Great kickoff to the podcast.[/EDIT] I like the chemistry these guys have and they cover a lot of topics. My only suggestion would be to focus maybe a little less on minor news stories that might not be relevant by the time the podcast is posted online. Replacing some of that stuff with in-depth game discussion would make the podcast even better [EDIT]: Go for Raindow thought you guys all playing the same game and talking about it was worth stealing..... do that more![/EDIT]
fantastic show dont miss out on your dose of awesome
"LOVE" I am just gonna leave this here
Love the show keep up the great work. This is the best gaming podcast on the net.
Dave + kev + pacman polar bear = awesome always so informative with information about all games why go anywhere els
Ok guys FM here again. Keep up on the good podcasting. Everyone interested in gaming or anything else should listen to this podcast. P.S. Dave can I get some love like Jax gives love to inanimate objects?
I don't know how many of the cast are Canadian but at least one is. First heard them when we did a versus episode against them on the Go For Rainbow Podcast. Very game focused unlike some game podcasts out there. Give it a go.
I was a long time SG listener, and a big fan of the Red Show. I followed the podcasts over to BRB, but I always still missed the red show a little. This podcasts scratches that itch. I love all the podcasts, but lets be honest, video games aren't talked about that much. This show manages to bring listeners and great humor and chemistry between hosts that we love, and also brings us up-to-speed on everything gaming. Also, it's nice to have some bonus content from one of the shows, considering I purchased the app. Thanks so much for all that you guys do! p.s. Can't wait to hear the new theme when that comes out :)
Great job on the show, guys! The intro music is amazing! Oh and the rest of it is good too. Seriously, keep it up!


I approve of this
I enjoy all the BRB podcasts and find them highly entertaining. Kev, Dave, and Pac-man have hit their stride and these guys have developed a great rapport and interplay. Each episode each member takes turns hosting and each guy has their own unique style. Very funny and yet informative. I'm sad to admit that I have very little time to play video games anymore but I still enjoy listening to the BRB offerings as they are very entertaining. Kev I love the theme song.
Im Kendall if my name says something else. I'm a huge fan of your podcast. A while back I was trying to find a podcast to listen to on a regular basis. And your's has been the best of all the ones I've listen to. I love the diversity of your show its awesome to here people from different countries to converse about video games. Keep it up!
I have been listening to these guys since the SG days. You can tell they love what they do. I want PacManPolarBear to shout me out, but he has to say the word "Chungus" in my shout out! WOOOOO CANADUH!
A great podcast with humor and focus on games and gaming news
Great show for information and opinions, the only thing missing is the snaps from the blu show, MORE SNAPS!!!
A Canadian, a Texan and a Brit. Bringing the world closer together one week at a time
Funny, well informed, very diverse