Reviews For Chess Killer Tips Video Podcast with Alexandra Kosteniuk

Alexandra is smart AND good-lookin'.
I love it! Not only is she a GrandMaster, she's also HOT!
Great podcast for any chess lover..a grandmaster with a nice accent, what more could you ask for?
Very insightful! Easy to understand yet her podcasts help develop tactics and strategy in your chess games! I strongly recommend listening to these podcasts! They are short and to the point exercised that are essential to strengthening your chess game! I am looking for many more podcasts from her! Thank you Alexandra!
This podcast is awesome AK is very knowledgeable and speaks to the level of an average / casual player. Good work keep it up!!!!!!!!!!!
CKT 062 is a very good study of Saavedra but I am having problems syncing it to my iPod.
Amazing. So imformative, and entertaining. subscribe now!!!!
My kids love placing their pieces on the board and attempting to predict Alexandra's next move.
Alexandra's warm and down-to-earth nature makes learning real, practical chess a enjoyable and exciting. Her tips and commentary is second to none and even includes some entertaining tid bits--how about photos from her Vogue magazine picture shoot?
Well presented studies that make me think a little less like an amateur.
This podcast is the best..... Short and concise positions expained so a beginning player can easily see and understand the strategy behind the position. A definate plus for any player's game from beginner to experienced tournament player !!!
Very helpful for improving your game, short and direct, just the right size for daily listening... Nice voice from the GM.
This is a very good podcast and I have enjoyed it ever since I joined iTunes. I have to admit this podcast is for amateur players that are students of the game trying to deepen their skills and improve their perfomance.
How can anyone that remotely likes chess not appreciate this podcast? Basically, you get free lessons from a chess grandmaster - who happens to have a pleasing accent to listen to as well :) Keep in mind that this is not for the new have to know at least a very basic foundation of chess for the excercises to be benificial. But that can be easily fixed by reading a introductory book to chess and then coming back to this podcast.... Amazing...thank you, Alexandra, for this wonderful podcast and the promotion of chess that you do!
This is a wonderful podcast for those that love chess. It is short, sweet and challenging. After a few minutes of mental gymnastics, GM Kosteniuk mercifully provides the solution to the problem and great insight that will help your chess.
She's a grandmaster at chess, but not a podcasting. I have troubling understanding what she's saying a lot. And I'm not nearly good enough to "solve her puzzles". She doesn't really teach you anything, just gives you scenarios and shows you how to win in that (unlikely) scenario. If you're really good at chess, you might be able to learn something, but it's definately not for beginners.
This podcast is great!!! Challenging scenarios each day that keep me thinking and give me ideas to improve my game. Please keep it up!
This is absolutely good!!!!!....studying with a GM ??? enough said!!! Thank you Alexandra