Sounds of Berklee

Reviews For Sounds of Berklee

Adam does a great job with these podcasts! It's great exposure both within the Berklee community and outside of it!
Very enjoyable, high quality music and concise, intriguing information about the artists - who are current, or former Berklee students, faculty and visiting artists. Great way to get to know fresh, new music, the people who create it, and the rich musical offering of Berklee. Looking forward to the next one!
A fresh, cutting edge and innovative podcast. There's so much variety and it's a great Berklee student and alumni showcase platform, testifying of the exceptional talent that transits through the college. Listen in!! :)
Thank you to Adam Olenn for his great work here, and for including me in one of the episodes. I truly appreciate that he and Berklee are open to presenting "unheard" quality music!
What a great way to discover new artists. So much great music that I may have otherwise not heard. Keep up the amazing work! And thank you from all the guys in Esthema for including us!
There's so much great music coming out of Berklee these days. It's great to see it all in one place. Awesome stuff!
We were featured last May for one of these "Sounds of Berklee" Podcasts and thought they did a wonderful job! It's really important to have artists still connect with their school, which is what these Podcasts are doing along with helping our peers hear what we've been up to as well. It's also wonderful to see so many friends, from around the same time we were at Berklee or from other times that we've run across while playing out. Please keep this series up and we hope to do it again when our next CD comes out!
'Sounds of Berklee' is an entertaining podcast that has introduced me to many new artists, often in genres I don't normally listen to. It's a quick hit, with a little bio information and one great song, every week.
I think it's a great idea to record student's work and put it into a podcast! I really enjoy listening to these in my free time and would hope that someday my own work will be on here as well!!