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Just want to say keep up the good work papi I love ur mixx they are hott ;)


Good Job. Just Need Some Ñengo Flow .


By Joridi
Bueno me encanto esta pagina tiene lo qe me gusta y atraves es gratis es una pagina súper..:)(:
When you gonna put on another mix.. I want more please hopefully soon.. peeps can follow me on twitter @Claudia_M30
I need a TEGO mix, then youll get five stars. Show us what you got. Keep it up dude, youre good.
Esta muybien sus rolas


By Rafa53
Esta muy bueno. Me gustaria que le agregara merengues tipicos dominicanos


Nice very nice
Hey I just found this and its awesome. Love the mixes
Muy buenazo ,very nice goog job
I think you should make a whole podcast just playing aventura
Can't wait to listen to it tomorrow.
i like this podcast all you need is diferent kind of music like rock en espanol, musica mexicana so we can follow up your podcast all the time thanks
Keep doin' what you are doin'!
i thought the pitbull remix was going to be really good but then i listened to it and all it was was 45 min of 3 different pitbull songs mixed with some other stuff that i've already heard mixed together. i was hoping for something different and i didn't get it. I'm a huge pitbull fan and i normally like EVERYTHING that has his name on it but not this so much.