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I gave it a shot and listened to the old podcasts before listening to the new ones to gain some perspective on the show's progress. Zero. This show is just as immature, crude and uninformative as it ever was. Not to mention their Twitch channel is sends emails when they aren't even doing a Pet Food Alpha show.
The Podcast has become nothing more than a group of complaining hosts who're not doing anything to respark interest in their podcast. They should quit now because they're not doing themselves any favors.
I just recently started to play FFXI and have since been looking for a podcast to listen to during work. All I have heard from this podcast is negative comments. The host hasn't played the game in a whole month and still seems to have s comment every show on how bad the game is. They only cover the classes they play that are included in the patch notes. It's an abomination in podcasts to have a podcast about a game that you always rip on and don't even play actively. I am truly disappointed
i don't care if there're no news no guests and only 2 hosts. PFA classic is the best. when i listened to the earlier episodes, i noticed how fusionx used to call Steak by his name showing some respects and paying attention about what other hosts' got to say. Steak is basically the same chap, sitting back, providing the balance and atmosphere to the show. i sincerely hope he finds a decent new job soon. Long live PFA
What happened guys :(
I've been listening to PFA since around December and I haven't missed an episode since then. I really wish I would of started listening earlier. These guys are great! I loved the Vanafest 2010 show they did with LBR. That was a fun night/morning! ^^ Furukawa / Leviathan
Great show PFA rocks the only show that does weekly shows
I have listened to every podcast PFA has produced and loved them all. The hosts sometimes concentrate too much on endgame content, but casual players can still learn from their experiences. Keep up the great work.
I have since quit playing FFXI, but I still can't wait every week for the new show to come out. It's still great to listen in and get my fix while waiting for FFXIV.
love the show been listening since it started fusionx is prolly the funniest when he has his moments
A great representation of the ffxi comunity and beyond hillarious to boot! I highly recomend it I have been a listner for over a year!
Kindle from remora, I love this podcast. Very intertaning and keeps me laughing! Thanks Chin for being the funuest girl ever.


This is a great podcast. All the hosts are great people that know a lot about the game and tell everyone all the news on FFXI. If you are a FFXI fan, then you will love this podcast. :)
I like to listen... from the bushes.


By Nmsis84
The longest running and most laidback of the FFXI podcasts, PFA pulls you up a chair and discusses what's going on in their game and within the game for everyone. Stepping up as also a premiere site for SE, they are a voice for players as well. Updated regularly and with a great and differing selection of hosts. Total fun! Troiboi / Fairy
One of the best and the only weekly podcast about FFXI. Cool hosts, great discussions, active forums, full of win.
been listening since almost it's beginning and PFA is great. It's weekly, unlike most of the others, and they're on current issues, topics and updates with the game. FusionX and Steak are at two opposite ends of the spectrum and since they run the show (primarily) it's great to have that. fusionx and steak great show, awesome job
For the most part a good humorous pod cast of FFXI, but an intro of people laughing at... well, I don't know what was extremely annoying. Best person in this pod cast is Steak, at first I though it was fusion, but then I realized that he's pretty sarcastic, and sometimes rude to people who don't necessarily deserve it.
I like the show this and Limit Break Radio really help get me through the late hours I work.
Whenever I listen to PFA I always crack up. People look at me weird when I am with them and am listening to it, because no mattter what every episode is packed with lol action. Not only are they are the rofl worthy, but they provide great info for those of us who play FFXI. I think it's almost impossible to NOT like PFA. They are amazing!
If u play FFXI u will enjoy this podcast. It is the longest running cast about the game to date for a reason. Almost 2 years gives plenty of back catalogue to learn about the game and the crew and their adventures IRL and in game. Only at PFA can u learn the secrets of Babies in Drawers and the mysteries of Eye-ner-bibble. Informative and hilarious, a can't miss!
Helpful and well informed, not condencending in that gamer-geeky way you find with some fan podcasts - keep up the good work.
FFXI is not like most other MMOs. It was designed to make people socialize with each other and work together. That is secret behind the game, and the reason it is still popular even after 5 years. This poscast is a reflection of that very formula. This cast is cerainly not the most advanced or best quality podcast out there. But honestly, that doesn't even matter. I have been a listener since the very first episode and I have come to love and enjoy all of the hosts in my own personal way. Everytime I feel like quitting the game, hearing this podcast makes me change my mind. The bond that the hosts share, and the all around good time they have making the show really make this podcast a special thing. I recently bought a mac, and as a FFXI PC player, I thought that my days in Vana'diel were over once and for all. I decided to listen to one more episode of PFA, as my way of saying goodbye to the game once and for all. Before the podcast was over, I found myself at the gamestore buying a brand new xbox 360 and a copy of FFXI for the xbox. Listening to to Steak, Fusion, Chinchilla, and Squig, is almost like being in a room with some of my best friends, listening to a conversation about one of my favorite hobbies. /salute PFA
An excellent podcast the hosts are fun and very well informed~ I highly recomend this to anyone who enjoys FFXI
This podcast is based on the MMO Final Fantasy XI. If anyone plays the game, they would find this podcast alot of fun and sometimes even informative. Non-players would really have a hard time keeping up with lingo but then you really wouldn't be searching for this podcast to begin with I would think. The hosts have really improved their podcast talents over the past year. They get funnier with each episode. Keep up the good work. I'll keep downloading as long as they keep making episodes. Long live waffles and the burger sammich!!!
This is THE podcast to listen to if your a fan of the Final Fantasy series, a FFXI player or just a MMORPG gamer in general. The host are exceptional entertaining and each brings their own wacky and fun personality to the table. Everything you need to know about updates in game can be found here. Listen and have fun!
Pet Food Alpha is the longest running Final Fantasy XI podcast and I've fallen inlove with the hosts. Each episode, the hosts go over the latest happenings in FFXI, go over their ingame lives, share experiences, and teach people the in's and out's of the game with their "Johnny McNoob" segment which is designed to help out new players. During PFA's life, many other FFXI podcasts have popped up and I've listened to them all, but I always come back for my serving of 'The Biscuit'.
What makes FFXI a great game is the community. What makes PFA a great podcast is the sense of community that they bring to the listeners. Although I have never met any of the host I feel like they are my friends. They have an extensive knowledge of the game and and are very informative. From Fusionx's almost funny jokes, to Steak's undeniable love for the community, to Squigg's vast knowledge of the game, to Chin's chinnisms, to Kerien's Ahnuld impressions, this is my favorite podcast on the net.
I think u guys are doin great and cant wait to see PETFOODALPHA EP 100
A casual and fun filled podcast keeping FFXI players in the loop on current events in FFXI and the surrounding community - their forums are a must see too!