Reviews For Gen Y Marketing Podcast

In a world..... Filled with iTune Marketing Podcasts..... Only 1 can survive!.... Duh duh duh duh duh duh (symbols crashing)!!!! The Gen Y Marketing Podcast, coming to an iPod near you! But in all seriousness, this is, by far, the best Gen-Y related Marketing Podcast on the inter-webs! When I first started looking for podcasts to listen to I genuinely had a hard time finding one that fit exactly what I needed. Sure there are hundreds of generic Marketing and SEO podcasts, but it was the GenY Marketing Podcast that both entertained and informed me. Besides, who in the heck doesn't want to hear 3 Aussies chat about how completely weird their little island is? I give this podcast a 5 star rating based on its being reliably published every two weeks or so, the CONTENT and the good mixing of personalities. These guys aren't paid to do this, but like an ATOMIC CLOCK, they shed light on the short comings and successes of specific Marketing doings. Keep up the good work guys!