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The conversation and topics are decent. I only listen to Game of Thrones talk, but these guys talk over each other waaaaay too much. Very annoying. At first there was just the one guy doing it, but it's gotten progressively worse. I only listen when I have nothing to do. Not really worth the annoyance.
I think i gave this show a fair chance. I listened to the show for a little over six months, and I thought the topics they discussed were very interesting, but I just could not connect to the three hosts. I listen to podcasts because I am interested in hearing a wide range of opinions on movies, television, and pop culture. I do not like having someone preach to me about what I should like and why I should like it, and that is what almost every show I listened to sounded like. In the end I could not tolerate a show that spent twenty minutes talking about something I was interested in hearing and another forty minutes or more telling the audience how uninformed they are.
Lite, irreverent opinion entertainment based podcast that tackles subjects like Star Wars, 80's cartoons, toy collecting and Bigfoot. Sometimes unfocused but always good natured, fun and new shows are posted quite frequently. This podcast is chicken soup for the geek soul.
If you enjoy topics including Star Wars, Star Trek, Dungeons & Dragons, 80's TV, Comic Books...Basically everything and anything in the realm of geek-ness; then this is the podcast for you. The hosts discuss these and many more topics in a humorous, intelligent, genuine, and highly enjoyable style.