Reviews For Valley Vegas Church Podcast

Living in Seoul, South Korea... Military life is crazy, but these sermons help keep me grounded. Would love to see video sermons on YouTube so we can see the slides/notes that are being shown.
I've been attending VBF since the beginning of this year and am truly inspired by Pastor Jim's Word. He is so human, so real, yet so powerful. I'm so blessed to receive his service in person each week. I urge anyone who can, to attend. It's always an enlightening morning!
Love it!!!!! Changes you!
Pastor Jim Crews is annointed- there's no question about it. He leads people to serve God, and get into the Word, just as well as his father in law, Ron Vietti. They are both men with amazing walks with God, and I am inspired by them both. As I mentioned on the Podcasts from Pastor Ron, these sermons will change your life- they changed mine!!!!
Spiritual Warfare – This is powerful and will change your outlook on life. Get and share it with a friend. Visalia, Ca