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Give this podcast a listen..... From Geek Brunch to the weekly review, they know their comics!
Geek Brunch is a great podcasting for an old school comics fan like myself. Mike M. & his co-hosts are funny, informative & cover a wide range of comics. For a guy like myself who started picking up comic books in the 80's off drug store spinner racks & loves to revisit those great old stories, you need to check out this podcast. However, even if you area a casual comics reader you will still find plenty to enjoy here.
Martin from more podcasts than I can shake a stick at here...I love Geek Brunch and the show also deserves 5 stars, but I wanted to comment on Mike M's Weekly Reads: while I may not always agree with Mike's ratings, I love how passionate he is about comic books and it really comes through in this show. Doing a solo podcast can be difficult but Mike M's Weekly Reads is so seamless and never gets dull. I'd love to see some more indie stuff mentioned in the show, but I get plenty of that from the Geek Brunch feed. Keep up the awesome work!
Mike's new podcast about his weekly reads has shot to the top of my favorite solo podcasts. A nice 30 minute show that you can listen to any time. Check it out!
Mike's Weekly Reads is a great way to discover new comics from the big two and smaller publishers. Mike reads more comics than anyone so there is always something new to discover and add to your pull list. Mike Loves Comics!!!
Geek brunch, retro- cast , dc noise, and now Mike's weekly podcast make up the geek brunch family of podcasts. They are all awesome in there own way. These guys genuinely love comics and between all the podcasts they have they cover every genre. They are real, and funny, I just love listening to them.
The Retro-casts are now my favorite drive time entertainment during my work week.
Fo yourself a favor and listen to this podcast
This podcast has 3 great hosts,Mike Myers,Bill & Micah. They discuss a wide variety of comics from the obscure like The Goon to vintage silver and bronze age comics. They also talk about food,TV, movies and other pop culture.I enjoy this podcast and so will you. Download it now,Because Jack Kirby would want you too. If you like this podcast please leave a nice review on Itunes.Otherwise Mike will Omactivate !
These guys loved to talk geekery and do it well. If you want a show that makes you feel like you are hanging out with pals talking about all the fun pop culture stuff you love too, this is the show for you!
Geek Brunch is a great podcast to kick back and enjoy conversation about all things fun and geeky from comics to movies to television to, yes, even food. You can tell that the hosts are having a good time and excited to talk to each other and that excitement is infectious... you'll find yourself wishing you could jump in to the conversation and share some of YOUR favorite geeky things.
Geek Brunch is in my Top 10 All Time Favourite Podcasts. Mike Myers and the boys hanging out and talking about the things that really make life liveable, comics, TV shows, and movies.
This podcast makes other podcasts look like a slight crap streak after a really wet fart. This podcast will make your ugly girlfriend beautiful. This podcast will cure drug addiction. This podcast is the answer to global warming. This podcast is proof of intelligent life elsewhere. Oh, and the guys on this podcast gangbanged your mom... probably.
Ya just never know what strange destination the conversations will head towards, but it's NEVER boring, always entertaining and with juice, toast and milk, part of a balanced breakfast! I mean BRUNCH! Never stop guys!
Just a group of friends talking comics , and all kinds of fun stuff, its great!
Okay, I really like comics and movies. I've listened to this podcast for a long time and for the most part I enjoy the content. However, this is the third comics related podcast that I have dropped this month because, for some reason unfathomable to me, the hosts find it necessary to belch into the microphone. I've listened for months now and this is a routine occurance which I can't take anymore. This is right up there with podcasters who think its funny to yell into the mic until the levels clip. Podcasters in general, and some members of Geek Brunch in particular, seem to forget or not care that most of their listeners are using earphones. Hate to rag on these guys because I do like the majority of their show.
If you love comics, TV, movies, or talking about food, this is the show for you. It's jam packed with everything you need to know about the geeky stuff you love, and will probably convince you to try out something new. This one is a must-listen.
Awesome podcast guys. Been listening since around 50 and I hope there to be many more. One of my must listen to podcasts every week.
I LOVE this podcast. Two friends who talk about comics, TV, movies, books and food. They also talk about things that happened during their week. These guys are real people and they share themselves with the audience. There aren't any fake names or fake personas here. If you like sitting down with friends and talking about all the wonderful geek entertainment out there then you will LOVE this podcast too. This is the type of show I would love to do if I had a co-host. Well done Heath and Mike, well done.
This is one podcast I look forward to every week. Love the format from comics to movies to tv and even food. Mike and Heath are very knowledgable and funny without being snooty or condescending. If you love all things geek, I highly recommend Geek Brunch. I was hooked right away and feel like I'm catching up with old friends whenever a new episode comes out.
Always on the 'top of the pile' when a new one comes out. Mike and Heath are fun to listen to and it's cool they have guests on most every episode.
I've listened to a lot of comic podcasts, and Geek Brunch hooked me on the first listen. Honest, fun discussion of comics, movies, TV, and food, by two guys (and special guests), who have a true love of all things geeky, and zero pretentiousness. I give it an A+. One warning though -- their enthusiasm is very contagious!
This is one of the most fun podcasts out there. The laughter between the hosts and their guests is real and not contrived at all. You can tell that you are listening to friends talk instead of people who decided to become friends so that they can record it. Thumbs up.
Wanted to let you know I look forward to your show every week. Your show is in my top three favorite podcasts along with This American Life and Radio Lab. Keep up the great work!
I usually like having brunch, hungover...a stripper on my arm not sure where she is and with lotsa bacon and OJ. However, this is the best brunch in the world. Some eggs benedict with extra Heath Hollandaise sauce and a Mike Myers & Coke to drink. Seriously, these guys are funny, informative and take their time discussing the topic at hand. Great idea to always have a 3rd guest on from the fanboy/girl set. I'd have to say that Episode 28 was the best. But, that could just be me. :)
Heath and Mike put on a quality show every week thats chock full of fun talk about comics, movies, TV and even food. Listening to the show is like eavesdropping on a funny conversation between two old friends. The guys are truly appreciative of each and every listener and to be part of their online community is like being part of a fun family.
The title says it all...informative and above all fun...they dish on movies, comics, animal husbandry, and breakfast food...occasionally delving into is the all you need brunch podcast....the Eggs Benedict of podcasts, if you will...with cherizo and green chilis...and finished off with a refreshing bubble tea
Geek Brunch is a fantastic podcast and its like stting down with two friends that talk about the stuff we care about:Movies, Comics and food. This is alway one of the top 3 podcast I listen to when it comes out. TJ