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I first read Wild at Heart years ago(2010) to be exact and have since been amazed at how much this relates to the life that’s been mine. The most recent podcast on Initiating Boys had me scrambling in ways, looking for where I had been initiated and who was there with me in the journey. John mentioned a book which hinted at something bigger and it left yearning for more. I did an amazon search to not only find the book, but in new condition. Thank you for all which you’ve done, btw the I cannot wait to read “The Way of the Wild Heart”!
I have read everything John Eldredge has written and now hearing from him and Stasy and the “gang” makes me feel like part of the family. I am forever grateful for your obedience to write and create content that takes us back to the heart of God. I pray my influence is half what yours is someday and that anything I do or say only points people to the heart of God and what He says about them!
These podcasts are life-changing. If restoration and transformation of your life is what you are after, the podcasts will open up new fields of goodness to you.
This podcast makes me feel safe in what I am dedicating my time to. Apart from reading God’s word, I find John and his team’s thoughts and conversations to be one of the most revitalizing part of my life today. For those seeking a meaningful addition to their day, this podcast is a must listen to type of podcast. I always finish an episode feeling a unique feeling of comfort and peace.
John’s teaching has radically changed my life for the better. I attended a Wild at Heart boot camp in 2003 and was set free from a lifetime of condemnation among other things. The team at Ransomed Heart have no doubt rescued many churches from wimpy, waterd-down versions of Christianity so prevalent in many circles today. Do yourself a favor and subscribe to this podcast. You won’t regret it.
Gives me a new perspective on how I can look at God working in my life.


These guys have saved my life from the pit of hell a few times. They don’t know me, but I know them and what they say and it’s made all the difference. Subscribe today and listen.
Ransomed heart Ministries brings practical relevant spiritual issues to open hearted discussions- Love, love, love this ministry and what they are doing in hearts of listeners. Highly recommend 👍👍👍
I'm 19 about to turn 20, I've grown up without that fatherly figure. However because of these podcast, basecamp, and much more from john elderage I was saved and got baptized. The last month I've craved more of god, and god has been good using john elderage as an amazing tool. Keep up the good work, I'll be writing an auto biography of my life and I'll be sure to mention you in it!
Eldredge is awesome to read. He's even greater to listen to. Definitely give a listen.
It all clicked for me when I started reading Jon and Staci’s books. Their perspective on this life and how to live it in faith in daily moment by moment practices has helped my faith come alive and stay fed.
John Eldridge and the rest of the Ransomed Heart team are straight MONEY. John has become an abstract sort of spiritual sage-father-person in my life and my heart has been all the better for it. Thankful for people like them to invest into strangers like me!
A friend of mine text me the link to this podcast and then followed it with, "Envy. Listen now." I just finished part four and it was life-changing. I realized as I was listening how little the topic of envy is discussed in our culture and how unexposed it is. This series brings light to its devastating effects. Blaine and John do a wonderful job of not posturing themselves as experts, acknowledging their own battles with envy and sharing how they have learned to combat it. I will repeat the wise words of my friend. Envy. Listen now.
This is a great podcast for those of us interested in walking more closely with God.
I love this podcast. It is like a raw well of truth that refreshes my spirit. At times the format of 4 people sitting around randomly talking from their heart isn't satisfying like pure teaching is. I feel like I have to take fragments and piece them together myself...and it doesn't always work well for me. I feel like I lose gold nuggets on those episodes. However most of the time the subjects speak to me and I am ministered to.
Every time I listen to this podcast, I feel like my soul is healed a little more. Thank you guys for what you do!
John and his team have great insight to the mans heart for God!
These series are amazing and touch at the center of our hearts. God used this series to wake up my heart once more. I am so very encouraged of these timeless teachings. Thank you for adding them to the podcast!
If you are looking to develop your relationship with Christ in an authentic and exhilarating way, this is the podcast for you. The teachings here are extremely helpful and have done wonders to make me the man God made me to be. Absolutely recommended for any Christian believers.
I just have to say how much I appreciate this podcast. I would definitely recommend to anybody who needs God's truth spoken into their lives.
Best podcast I've found.
The podcast "Reflecting on the year" made me roll my eyes so much that I have a headache. One of John's favorite memories of the year is writing a book with his son. So, if anyone thinks work life in America is fair, I hope this podcast thoroughly disabuses you. America is NOT a meritocracy. John's son is probably 25-ish and is co-writing a book with daddy. Millennials wake up! This is what you need to do to get a writing job in this sluggish, impossible economy: pick a successful author for a father. EYEROLL I hope John's kids know that they are VERY LUCKY. Even if the kid is a good writer, please understand that a writer usually has to pay his dues and work very hard on his craft for years to get a shot at being published. It must be nice to have a living handed to you.
I look forward to this podcast every week. Ransomed Heart Ministries has changed the way I view my Christianity. I wish they would change their podcast feed information to include more podcast episodes. There are many great episodes in the past that are not accessable. Keep up the great work. Brian Caruthers A Survival Guide 4 Christian Men podcast
John and the Ransomed Heart team, I'm loving this series on relatioships - things to look for, postures to assume, and styles to be aware of. Could this be the subject of a new book on lay-counseling and loving the people around us? I would love that! Keep up these awesome podcasts.
Love your podcasts, keep fighting the good fight! Message for Ransomed Heart: If Josh Garrels' "Run" isn't your theme song, it should be!!!
Partial partial partial...thanks for the loving strong reminder that my heart aches for the kingdom in full even though I am blessed to experience it within me now. Jesus is my kinsmen redeemer and my Boaz.
John I have loved your work for years. I'm going to ask you to please address why you have now right before the election chosen to alienate half the nation. You're work on the heart is so amazingly wonderful and your words have been a conduit for Gods love to all of us lucky enough to know your work. But over the past few months you have "picked" this sin and "left" that sin. For instance you can't focus on one political party for their stance on abortion but look the other way when 100,000 Iraqis are dead because of a lie. I think you can tell I love your work and what you stand for but must dissent on the last few weeks. Please take this for what it is. Your heart is amazing, you however have allowed your mind to engage in picking and choosing. But on the other hand...I may be wrong about all this and am absolutely open to someone showing how. I love you brother and my family will continue our monetary contributions to RH, all of what I just said is a small piece of pie compared to the hearts Christ ransoms through you everyday.
I really enjoy these podcasts. The Ransomed Heart team brings very relevant topics up and discusses all the different perspectives and questions we wrestle with as sons and daughters of the King. Stimulating, engaging and challenging.
Thank you for how much effort that you put in to this message! This has helped me a ton and is clearly from God!
Ransomed Heart Ministries has proven to be life changing for me. My wife and I recently relocated to Colorado Springs and are attending a local church that is affiliated with RHM. The books and podcasts and live events contain the ability to alter the way you think and set you free to follow God apart from religion and religious nonsense. Thank you for Wild At Heart.
I have read all of John's books, have led 2 small group studies of his (currently doing Beautiful Outlaw video series) and have contributed to Ransom Heart-but on the issue of pacifism he is caught up in his own "warrior" mentality. There are too many holes in his arguement to address here, and I give him the benefit of the doubt in realizing this is a short session. However...he berrates pacifists for only looking at a few verses in the Bible, and then does the same thing himself. Yes Jesus said 2 swords were enough, but what was His reaction when Peter used one to slice off the slave's ear? He told him to put it away ("all those who take up the sword shall perish by the sword MT 26:52) Yes John you are correct that Jesus didn't tell the soldier to quit his job-but he never told slave owners to free their slaves-does that make slavery ok today? Thoughout many of your writings you cite the verses about Jesus making a whip and using violence-how can you go from that one incident (which I think was awesome) and then conclude that killing is ok? Why didn't the disciples fight for their lives, all being martyred other than John? Craig gives a very light mention of the old covenant verses the new covenant-you of all people should realize the stark contrast! How can you love your enemy, look him in the eye in the battle field, and kill him? You seem to think that pacifism is an "e asy way out" of serving in the military-many do serve in support roles. And I hardly think you can mention Jesus in the book of Revelation as a reason that killing is ok-when he comes to lead the final battle it won't be a fight for land, oil, or to simply overthrow a government. And just because some of us believe Jesus when he said to turn the other cheek, you are wrong to think we would not protect our families. Killing in a war brought about by a government ruled by men is very different than killing with Jesus as your king in the final battle.
Wow, I have been rescued again! Every week this podcast brings into the real larger story! The story of the hotshots running to the fire and rallying the other fire fighters stand their ground and fight stirred the warrior inside of reminds me of Gandalf "you will not pass!" And the fire in your back yard,!! Praise God!!
Awesome as usual. Every week, I can't wait to download and listen to the next podcast. Such a blessing! Love the World View discussion series. Soooo good.
I just want you to know that I'm so thankful for you and your ministry. Your recent words on suffering and "the next thing" were very meaningful to me. You are one of my heroes, my Wallace.
I love the work that God has done in my heart and life through this ministry. The podcast is a gift; literally, a free gift of great conversations, excerpts from conference talks, chapters of audiobooks, etc. Thank you John, Stasi, Craig, and the others for all you are doing. May God continue to bless and work through Ransomed Heart in amazing ways. The "Story" continues...
This is powerful stuff, life changing! I came across John's writings and podcast through another podcast Daily Audio Bible and heard the Daily Prayer from John. Wow, I never heard such a powerful prayer from my church life. I now prayer the Daily Prayer everyday and if I don't, I know something is missing and feel its effects. John's writings, newsletter and podcast are inspiring they touch the soul of men and women. It will change your life forever, it did mine… But be forewarned, you will be going down a road not much traveled, full of danger, adventure, eye opening and healing. To live the life Jesus promised us...
I listen to this podcast as it comes out, weekly. Every week, John, Craig, and whoever else are in for that week's discussion, talk about how they had sought God and asked Him what was on His heart for their listeners. I can't help but think that God must give them what to speak on based on what He needs to speak to me. :) I often can't believe just how perfect the current week's subject is to what I'm going through and learning. Craig's example during the Conversing with God discussion of the way that God responds to us when we come to Him - how He doesn't just want us to come knock at His door and spill all of our problems, expecting Him to fix them, and then turn around and leave; but wants us to come in with Him, sit at His table, tell Him how we're doing, what we've been going through and feeling, and inquire about Him as well - so helped me. I find that as they speak of their relationships with God and their own experiences, that my hope and excitement for my own relationship with God grows. Sometimes God uses their words to shoot strait to my heart and convict me of something. Sometimes He brings light to an area that I was not seeing in truth. Or sometimes, He whispers words of love and encouragement to my heart, saying to me just how much He loves me and how He loves my heart and my desire for Him. This podcast is such an encouragement to me and helps me to have such hope for what I know God wants my relationship with Him to be. I love how it brings clarity to things that I can often get overly emotional about and blow out of proportion. But most of all, I love how it causes me to desire, more than ever, a strong, intimate relationship with God, and to seek His face always. Thank you so much, John and the Ransomed Heart team. God is truly speaking through all of you and offering such hope and encouragement to people like me. :)
I really enjoy this podcast and look forward to receiving new ones. It is a casual discussion with some wonderful insight that helps me see the bigger picture of my life. I've read his books, been to Boot Camp and I continue to need and want the reminders and thought provoking ideas that John and his group bring through this podcast. Thanks John, This is a fantastic resource for me on my daily walk.
I just listened to Conversing with God P1 Hearing God's Voice and was reminded that I need to express my appreciation for the weekly podcasts. Thanks! I look forward to each and every Monday/Tuesday to hear what God has to say through John and Ransomed Heart. Keep up the good work!
After listening to a few podcasts and reading Wild at Heart it did not take me long to notice the amount of heresy found within John Eldredge's teachings. His teachings range from open theism, low view of human responsibility in sin, and so on. Eldredge also teaches that God speaks to him outside of the Bible through movies, books, and music many of which blaspheme God's name. His teachings merely resemble Christianity but in reality are nothing more than pop phsychology.
Everyone that struggles with purity should here the lover podcast.
Just wanted to write this note of appreciation for your thought provoking podcasts and discussions. Please be encouraged in your hearts to keep up the good work, as it encourages the rest of us too.
Your ministry has been such a blessing to me and my wife. I thank Jesus for how he is using you to transform my walk with Him.
I look forward to these great podcasts every week. I never miss them. John and Craig consistently call people back to the core of genuine faith; awaken my heart; and deal honestly with struggles and doubts. Great stuff and thanks for making it all free!
John Eldredge relies heavily on his sheltered worldview and pop culture along with manipulation of scripture to paint an unrealstic world in which humans are elevated and put into very specific stereotypes as they minimize God and create him in the image of man instead of the other way around. Many are following this cult-like leader and it is damaging hearts and lives far and near.
To the Ransomed Heart team, Thanks for the great podcasts! I look forward to them every Monday. Very encouraging, inspiring, challenging, and motivating to walk closer with God. I only wish that a new one came out every day! Keep up the good work!
Hey there Ransomed Heart Ministries and John! First, I just want to say think you for your honesty and transparency. It is sorely needed. Few people have the ability to set fear aside and dance so close to the flame. I know that it comes from visiting places of deep pain and having moments of amazing healing. Thank God that He is interested in our living life to the fullest. Secondly, John, your books have been an answer to prayer and longing in my own life. This last year has been one of immense growth both emotionally and spiritually. And it all started the day I picked up Captivating!! Staci's courage and voice helped me see the truth I desperately needed. Desire pushed me deeper with Christ and after Waking the Dead I told God He'd have to catch me cuz I'm jumpin!! I quit my job, and followed my heart across the country. What a journey it's been. Thank you for all that you are doing!! This Podcast is great!! It's often a highlight of my week to sit and fellowship together, even though we've never met. God's just too cool, eh? If I never meet you this side of Jordan, I'll catch ya on the flip side and we'll have a good long talk!! God Bless.