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My only criticism is that there are only 12 shows available! Seems to be 3 or 4 seasons that it run but I cannot locate any more than 12 shows... I want MORE!!! And I am willing to pay for them if necessary!!!!
Love the podcast but would love it more if I could download the last two episodes.


This was introduced to me by a friend, and now any time that I am on a trip in a car, I listen to this podcast because it is so funny and action packed. It is always so exciting and suspenseful. It makes car rides to campouts for Boy Scouts go really fast
Great story line with a good setting for many adventures. Please keep them coming.
This is SUCH a great podcast. I was instantly hooked! The crazy supernaturnal situations the characters get into are so entertaining. The characters themselves are well thought out. Overall, I would definitely recommend it. PLEASE MAKE SOME MORE!!!!
During my first listen to an episode, I couldn't figure out if the producers were serious, or if this was a podcast prank. The scripts are terrible, the acting even worse. Comparing it to old-time radio like Suspense! or Inner Sanctum is bad marketing that should boomerang and bite the writer in the a*s.
I really have gotten hooked on these. Please make more and make them more often!
New old-time radio theatre, reminscent of "Adventures by Morse" of 1944: we've got snakes, we've got cults, we've got gumshoes, ghosts, and ghoulies; if you like radio drama, listen to this; if you like nostalgia, listen to this; if you like stuff, listen to this.
This is a very entertaining podcast...more please
I really enjoyed this podcast and would like to see more. The acting and voices are great and the stories are can get creepy. It's got all the best of Old time radio. Good job!
Great show, from the writing to the acting! Even the music is well used! I can't wait for the next episode.
I have never written a Review on a podcast before, however, I was compelled to write on this one. I LOVE IT! I listen to all types of OTR, radio dramas, etc and this one was so much fun to listen to. It kept me coming back for more.I am sad that there haven't been any new podcasts for quite awhile. Are ther EVER going to be? PLEASE? Good job, interesting storyline, great character development, and the acting gets better with every podcast. I am hoping the new year bring new episodes. Thanks for bringing this to life.