Reviews For Wingin' It 3D: The Archives

With conversations that range from the serious to the silly, and a constantly shifting cast of characters, Wingin' It 3-D keeps on bringing us entertaining content, show after show. Michael & Brian are the anchors that keep this ship from drifting too far, but they don't overwhelm the rest of the personalities in the room. The show can lean towards being a little self-refferential, but with the moratorium on topics after three episodes, the Wingin' It crew are working hard to make sure that the show stays fresh and interesting to old and new listeners alike.
The new format is much better than the previous incarnations, spinning almost solely off the user generated content. With the absense of Evo, you actually now get more comedy from the entire cast as there isn't just one voice dominating every conversation. Some of the unknowns are really starting to stand out. Though I think perhaps my favorite part is the Recap segment. I'm just sayin'.