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I absolutely LOVE Focus on the Family! I listen to the marriage podcast, the Family broadcast as well as the Parenting podcast! Not to mention that I still love to listen to Adventures in Odyssey every Saturday morning on my way hone from getting groceries! Lol!
I enjoy listening to this podcast whenever I am feeling overwhelmed about being a parent of a 2 yr old.
I appreciate so much the honesty from the speakers and the rich pieces of truth given in a shorter amount of time. This podcast helps me start my day right or fill my heart with truth as I go through my day.
I don't find parenting intuitive at all so I find these podcasts very helpful as I raise my 3 kids. Thank you for doing them!
If I could give this zero stars I would. Doesn't even deserve 1.
this is really great for new parents like me!
Hateful bigotry, these people should just stop.
This podcast has GREAT biblical advice! What a wonderful resource!
Thank you for the encouragement on helping us let go and let our kids try more responsibility even if they don't do it fast or as well as we do. Thank gig for the reminder of our job as trainers for their lifetime!
I am thankful for focus on the family in their attempt of speak truth about family his programs has help me to see situations and deal with resolution differently as a parent. Thank Dobson program is not geared toward popular world views but on GODS TRUTH.
Telling other families what a family is or isn't because it doesn't fit your belief is at the height of arrogance. I know you're no ashamed, but you sure as heck should be. Where is the humility to say "I don't know" and live with some empathy. This is an example of the huge public relations nightmare that good loving Christians have to deal with. Seriously, get it together.
I really enjoyed the 4 pod casts with Michelle Anthony. Great ideas and wise words for parenting! I am looking forward to hearing more! I appreciate being able to have this new resource to help me be the best mom I can be! Thanks!!!
Thank you. Helps to remember the really important things.


Amen, and Amen
You need to open your eyes and heart to the truth, do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Or try this one, love your neighbor as would love yourself. How sad it is that you don't realize that God makes all kinds of people, special in His eyes just the way they are. I can't believe Apple would let hate groups publish podcasts!
Gives me a little inspiration on being the best mom I can be.
I was going through some rough times in life. Listening to all three focus on the family podcast changed my life. It gave me the key and understanding to things that I didn't understand before. Though I was responsible for making changes in life.. It gave me the tools that I needed. No one taught me how to be a wife and a mom, it was hard, I had to learn the hard way. Thank you for teaching ...thank you!


By Ljlkc
It is so nice that someone is not afraid to speak the truth in love. Love the sinner hate the sin. Parenting is do challenging in today's world it is wonderful to have this resource to learn ways to teach my children truth.
To the many reviewers that can't handle the Fact that The Bible clearly states that Homosexuality is a stench under the Lord's nose, this podcast is clearly not for you. This is not an opinion it is the word of God. One should not be condemned for speaking the truth. I know many will still argue and disagree, however the word still stands for eternity. I am proud that iTunes has these messages available for those who choose to listen.
Very short message. Some sweet notes but needed more


Don't listen. Horrible.


WOW, This is horrible. Saying Homosexuality is a cultural lie?! Have fun living in the dark ages.
Thanks for making these available!
Great advice!
Dr Dobson is a sensational speaker who has tons of wisdom! Thank-you for are a true blessing to so many!
More folks should listen to all of these!
My parents bought into all of Dr. Dobson's scientifically unsound ideas, they tried his methods of preventing this or that; unfortunately, all it did was make me hate them as an adult. Dr. Dobson is a small minded bigot, he tore my family apart, don't let him do the same to yours.
This podcast is wonderfull! The interviews and information are excellent. It has helped me find peace and happiness with my job as mother and wife. I have a newfound love for all the repetitive, grudge work that having toddlers involves =) Thanks Dr. Dobson!!
I used to listen to Dr. Dobson's radio broadcast everyday on my commute to work. Now I've changed jobs and can only listen through the podcasts. I love these podcasts--Dr. Dobson's 3 podcasts and Family Life with Dennis Rainey. They offer sound and helpful biblical advice on God's words, marriage, parenting and world events. Thank you very much for having these podcasts and shows available.


By jnr422
You never know when a podcast is going to have a nugget of understanding or a new point of view for you to consider. I look forward to listening to these podcasts every day and week. Sometimes it is good hear that it is not just me and my child out here going through these things. Every ounce helps with parenting in today's world.
Dr. Dobson's advice on marriage and child rearing has been spot on for many, many years. No matter how society changes, Biblical Truth never changes. Dr. Dobson teaches this Truth as it applies to family life. Joined with his geniune love for God and his excellent communication style, this makes for some awesome podcasts with real advice that, when applied to real life situations, renders real life results.
I'm horribly offended that itunes aggrees to post this podcast. It would NOT be acceptable to post anything advocating the prevention of judaism, or another race, for example. This is straight up intolerance and it has no place parading as main stream content. Particularly listed under "family and kids!"
His views on parenting are frightening at best.... nearly all of the psychology & psychaiatry community dispproves of him, yet powerhouses in the religious right manage to keep him in the limelight and viewed as reputable. As another reviewer said, you can't make a child gay.. there are hormone baths in the brain in utero that determine this.. no one can change it. Google it: there are testimonies from kids who are suffering major emotional problems as adults via schools or parents who used his ideologies exclusively. Not to mention as many or more articles critcizing his practices as praising them- except the criticisms range from a wide variety of educated sources and walks of life- while the praises are all from those in the same political or religious bubble as Dobson himself....
I find James Dobson to be ill-informed, predjudiced, and a highly dangerous voice towards the well being of all (with the exception of those within his group of course). Not who I'd want giving me the slightest bit of advice on parenting.
Dr. Dobson loves children and families. This comes through in his podcasts. He does an excellent job.
The topics covered on Strong Willed Child made me want to cry because what was spoken was exactly what I've been going through with my 2.5 year old. I enjoyed these podcasts and will listen over and over.
Thank God for these podcasts. Great daily breakdowns of classic teachings on how to be a great parent. Dobson's teachings and guests are simple and very applicable.
I listen to all three of the Dobson podcasts, and really enjoy the way the content is presented here. As I said in my other review sometimes it feels a bit like an ad, but the content is still solid. If you like Dobson and what he has to say and really like 10-15 min podcasts, this is most definatly for you.