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This fellow knows his stuff and opened my eyes to other genres of anime (other than romance/herem) and that's not easy so to the creamer I say freakin thank you πŸ˜€πŸ˜†πŸ˜‚πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜„πŸŽ¬!
I really love how expressive you are and how smooth your commentary is. It's easy to listen to and keeps me engaged, especially since it's the things I love. Rock on!
It seems that the average grades for all the reviewed series tends to float around a B-. I have been listening to every podcast and watched at least one episode of each series. The reviews (in my opinion) are quite accurate when it comes to an overall feel of the anime/manga series. Although opinions may differ from his and mine, I can understand where he's coming from. I'll keep an eye out for new updates and reviews.
I came here looking for some Naruto discussion since 99% of the Naruto podcasts available are absolute trash. This podcast is not Naruto-centric, but I still enjoyed the few that I listened to. One previous review said that Sesho's voice was bland, which may be, but at least I can hear him. He's got a good grasp of keeping his voice clear and understandable, which is lacking in many podcasts, and he also doesn't shift around so that the mic goes in and out with his voice. Thank you for that! Another good thing is that he doesn't have a lot of empty space, no "ums" or "let's see what we should talk about next" moments; he moves on though his thoughts in an organized manner, making this podcast sound much more professional than others I've heard. My only complaint would be the constant mispronunciation of a few terms in Naruto: Sasuke is pronounced like "Sauce-kay". Genin is pronounced like "geh-neen"; chuunin like "choo-neen"; jounin like "joo-neen". Other than that, no complaints! Keep up the good work.
You give such great reviews and you always seem to like the ones I like. I do enjoy the mix of anime and manga, especially since I like both. Thanks for doing a great job.
An excellent podcast and very informational.It reviews not only the first volumes of a manga or an anime show but he also reviews the following volumes that come!!!
Actually, he gives good ratings of A's or B's to most of the anime and manga he reviews but he doesn't pull any punches when he doesn't like something. Go read Newtype if you want pseudo reviews that are afraid to criticize any anime or manga. Obviously you're not a habitual listener like I am and are totally wrong. Bland and monotone? I don't get that either. He talks like an angel devoted to anime and manga. I like the fact that he reviews a lot of the hottest titles but also takes the time to mention other works that might get overlooked.
Sesho seems to have a very bland and monotone voice. It seems like he only gives his books a bad grade (he grades A to F). None of the books he has reviewed sound interesting. I would only recomend this if you have exhausted your local bookstore or library and you are looking for something different.