Feast of Fools : Show Me Now

Reviews For Feast of Fools : Show Me Now

Been listening for a little over a year and these guys rock. They get top guests and the crew is special. For something different, entertaining, humorous, educational, and sometimes down right stupid...This is THE PODCAST
I cant stop laughing, when I watch my favorite FOF fools in thier video antics! I love this great addition to thier fantastic podcast. I AM A FAN FOR LIFE!
Just like the main podcast, Feat of Fools: Gay fun show, Feast of Fools: Show Me Now! is an amazingly great find. These videos are amung the funniest I have seen on the net and some of the guys in them are smoking hot. A five star experience compared to most video podcasts.
Cute extra bits that shouldn't be extras......a must have for any FOF fan!