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Thanks for sharing your hearts and stories and other peoples too. We are in a rough stretch at almost a year in with our kiddo, and hearing from Ramona that she was the toughest on the people she liked the best was a huge comfort to me!
What a beautiful adoption story of this family adopting a 19 year old. I love when stories have happy endings. My former foster son was adopted by his teacher, she welcomed him into his loving family, he is doing great. It’s really fulfilling to me to think I was part of that success story and I made an impact in that life
Great episodes that speak truth, good and bad, but always captures the love.
When do you guys plan on putting up some new material? Plus do you guys take guest on your show? My wife and I are foster parents as well!
I love listening to Tim and Wendy's podcasts. They are honest and very real, yet uplifting. It has been a great resource for encouragement and real life info as we navigate the adoption process. I am ever grateful!
If you listen to this podcast from oldest to newest, it's just like listening to a memoir on audiobook. You get to hear about all the different challenges and steps in foster care from the beginning. T and W are not experts at first and they learn as they go. It's very educational and really interesting. I would love to be friends with these two in real life. I hope they keep making episodes and providing updates!
This podcast is so helpful and informative. We have just begun the foster adoption journey and have learned what to expect from this podcast. Tim and Wendy walk through their own experiences in a very touching (and witty) way. Thanks Tim & Wendy!
This podcast is amazing! It has been the most valuable resource in starting our journey as future foster adoption parents. My wife and I have learned so much and love hearing this story unfold. We are an LGBT, non-religious couple and though some of our beliefs may be different, we very much resonate with the overall messages of family, unconditional love, and doing right by innocent children. We highly recommend this podcast to everyone thinking about starting a family through fost-adopt. We truly believe we will be better parents because of what we have learned from Wendy & Tim. Thank you!!!
As parents looking to foster/adopt this blog has truly helped our family....we searched and searched through podcast after podcast and finally found (Tim and Wendy) we especially love that y'all are a Christian couple and are sharing your experience from the beginning of your journey from fostering into adoption! We have gained so much insight on how to do things we had not thought about at the time! I definitely recommend this blog and wish to encourage Tim and Wendy in their lives! May God continue to bless you and your growing family!
You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll learn all about one of the most profound callings of all: loving and raising hurting children. I can't overstate how wonderful this podcast is, about all the trials, tribulations, and profound joys of fostering and adopting through foster care.
Thank you Tim and Wendy for being honest, candid, and forgiving. My husband and I have just recently started the process of becoming a foster home and was recommend to this podcast by a friend of ours and we are so glad we found it! I am particularly grateful for your views on reunification. Even though you believed the girls were on the path for adoption, at every step you have made sure to let your listeners know that reunification is biblical and what God intended was for families to be whole. I love how you care for the birth family and empathize with their emotions as well. Thank you for sharing your story and encouraging others (like me) to become foster parents as well!
I'm so thankful that Tim and Wendy opened themselves up to sharing the journey as foster and adoptive parents. We are close to being verified in our state and its been invaluable to be able to hear them discuss and reflect on their personal experience. Their sense of humor and candidness works perfectly. I also appreciate your directness in addressing selfishness in our own attitudes toward foster care. Love the interviews with those that have been in the system, social workers, other foster parents, etc. Keep up the top notch work!
I've just discovered this podcast (started at the beginning) and am loving it so far! They give a very real picture of what foster parenting/adopting through foster care looks like. Their honesty is both encouraging and inspiring. I'm excited to see where their journey leads...even if I'm a few years late to the party!
Tim & Wendy provide an great insight into the process and life of adopting from foster care. Their stories really helped prepare me for our own foster adoption journey. Thanks!
My husband and I are considering becoming foster/adopt parents. This information is in invaluable to me; particularly episode 84, the interview with the social worker. Awesome! Thank YOU!
So informative and very real. Great info on adoption and just general foster parent experience.
i have listened to the majority of Tim & Wendy’s podcasts about their journey of adopting their daughters through the foster care system, and enjoyed them all. Lots of details that anyone contemplating the journey themselves would want a friend to share. Very thought provoking and encouraging. My husband and I are starting the paperwork journey to apply to be a licensed foster home as a result. we have 4 little ones but maybe someday we’ll be blessed with an adoption as well. God Bless you guys!!!
I've listened to over 40 episodes in just 2 weeks. As a (hopeful) potential foster parent, I've found this podcast incredibly educational. I love how Tim and Wendy give great information and advice while sharing with us their real-life foster/adoption story. Great podcast!
Our family was in the final stages of getting licensed for Foster care when I found this podcast. We have been so blessed by the experiences and faith of T & W! We started at the beginning and we are up to episode 60! I have enjoyed all the information about Faith based Foster parenting and adoption. I cannot thank you enough for your honesty and humor. God Bless you and your family.
I agree with nearly everything everyone else has said in regards to this podcast; it's great and combines equally engaging portions of policy and personal narrative. If you have ever considered adoption or foster parenting this is the podcast you need to listen to!
So glad I am listening to these podcasts before my first placement. Thank you for the wonderful inside view into the world of fostering.
Found this podcast just as I got my first placement 1 month ago. I have listened to every episode. What a great resource! Love T,W,A & L ;)
This is so much better than Netflix! So educational, inspiring, real, relational, and action-oriented. Would love to meet Tim and Wendy someday.
Tim and Wendy do a wonderful job discussing foster parenting and adoption from a real life foster perspective. It's nice for us foster parents to know that we aren't alone in out struggles and victories. Don't miss this podcast :)
I am a foster parent working toward adoption of two amazing kids, and find this podcast to be incredibly comforting and insightful. It is comforting to hear other families have similar experiences, struggles and joys to our own; insightful to hear different ideas and perspectives for handling the unique challenges that come with caring for foster/adopt kids.
So my husband and I are in the very end stage of becoming licensed foster parents so I am searching day and night for inspirational information on being foster parents! I found this podcast last night and have listened to at least 10 episodes if not more! Wow! Such great and real information! I feel more prepared and am so encouraged by this podcast! Thank you so much!!! I feel like I am just getting to know Tim and Wendy and love you both already!
I am on my 2nd week of foster parenting classes and am already up to Podcast #46. Although the prospect of foster parenting is very intimidating, I feel driven to get out of my comfort zone and do something to help children at risk. T&W's insight and experiences are very informative and make me consider things that have not occurred to me about the foster parenting and adoption process. They are definitely an inspiration and entertaining at the same time.
I just started listening to this a while ago, after becoming a relative placement getting licensed. I have learned a lot from them and wish there were more resources out there.
My husband and I are in the process of becoming foster parents and this podcast has been very insightful. Tim and Wendy give helpful tips about parenting, the foster care system and adoption.
Thanks for laying the ground work!
Can't thank you enough to share about your foster and adoption experience. Inspired.
As a soon-to-be foster parent I have spent hours talking to foster parents and looking at their pictures and hearing their stories. This exceeds those experiences in that I am participating in Tim and Wendy's story. I love checking in with them each week and hearing about their family's progress. They are excellent at telling you about every aspect of foster parenting, including what to wear to court and the process of getting an IEP. They are completely candid and you truly feel like part of their story as you hear them share the highs and lows of foster parenting. What a fantastic resource!
Your podcast is such a blessing! I am really enjoying your podcast! And appreciate you both doing such a fabulous thing to not only help others who are becoming foster parents but for others that may know someone who are foster parents and educate them!
I found this Foster Parenting Podcast by chance, as my wife and I are preparing for becoming Foster Parents. Listening to this family's story has answered so many hard questions, dispelled a lot a fears and encouraged and excited our hearts for this journey! If you are preparing to, or just curious about foster or adoption, listen to this. Endless thanks to the McGyver family!
My husband and i are nearing the end of the certification process to be foster/adopt parents...finally! I found this podcast a little over a week ago and, as I spend a lot if time in the car each day have managed to get about 45 episodes in so far. I feel like I am spending my whole day with Tim and Wendy and have thoroughly enjoyed hearing their story and advice during this process! Hope they keep this up!
I just started listening to this podcast. As a future foster parent (in the process) I love listening to their experiences and learning what one can expect from foster parenting.
I'm glad they're sharing their thoughts but as a foster parent I have to disagree with some of the things they say. PLEASE do not take everything as full truth. It's opinion.


By Cyfinc
This is an intimate look at the struggles and triumphants of adopting through foster care. The only drawback is the religious funadmentalism and Republican dogma they preach.
This is the 1st on for me ever. Lots and lots of information . Thankyou so much for doing this . My wife and I are takeing "pride" classes and are plannening on fostering. Thank you Thank you Thank you!
My husband and I are getting ready to do fost-adopt and I'm working my way through the episodes. They have been so helpful and insightful as we go down this adoption road! Thank you, thank you for sharing the realness of your journey!
This is a gem of a show that is REAL and educational. We are not Foster or Adoptive parents yet, but we have already been able to implement some of the great parenting tips on our "Loin Kids." Thanks for the encouragement as we consider the awesome responsibility of caring for children.
I am interested in fostering in the future, and I was referred to your podcast by a friend. I thought it might be boring, but it was and is quite the opposite and yet still very informative - I'm still back on episode 70, but I had to start at the beginning to hear all about your story. I am a communication major, so I can say this with credence, you are both very good at communicating, and it would be so unfair to the world if you had never podcasted!! (is that a word?! haha). Thank you for sharing your lives with us listeners. God bless you!
I have been considering foster parenting for a while now and just stumbled across this great podcast about adoption through foster parenting. I get more inspired everyday and have learned so much from it. Thank you Tim & Wendy!
This podcast provides a small snapshot of what real life as a foster parent looks like. Tim & Wendy provide insights, experiences, resource reviews, and much more for anyone in or interested in the system.
Wow I appreciate the insight to Fostering and "the crazy system." My wife and I are in the process of getting certified as foster care parents and it is nice to know the insight to the system from the inside on the parent side.
My husband and I are currently waiting on our first foster placement in hopes of adoption. These podcasts have helped us stay motivated while continuing our education while we wait. The podcasts are short, entertaining and very helpful. The parents speak from experience and have some great guests on as well. I hope they continue the podcasts as I'm running out of material. Keep up the great work!
This is a wonderful show for those adopting or fostering, or those preparing to adopt or foster. This provides a tremendous amount of insight into the process, and gives you a real sense of both the process, and the emotions, involved. Not to mention, a great deal of parenting advice is thrown in along the way. In addition to being informative, it's just a great show. I am listening from the beginning, and keep waiting to see what happens next. You begin to feel like you know Tim and Wendy, feeling both their joy, and disappointments, on the journey. This has really given us strength to press on as we go through our own process. Thank you Tim and Wendy!
Tim and Wendy share their thoughts and lives in such an open and honest way---this is exactly the kind of information I was looking for. They give you an idea of what the foster parenting (and foster-to-adopt) experience is like in a wonderfully optimistic way---but also discussing the hard truths along the way. They're so informal that you feel like you are listening to your friends. Thanks, T&W!