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Best Spurs podcast out there!
Keep up the good work!
I must admit that I really only listen to this in order to fill up a little more time in between matches with more talk of spurs. I find the hosts of this pod to be old fashioned, mostly pessimistic, and having opinions on players that seem to flip flop after every result. They sometimes have old players on, which I love. The funny intros aren't funny.
Great people. Great interviews. Greatest football club ever. Best podcast I listen to on football, not even that is the Spurs way. Down with Woolwich!


By Cjer
Very funny, every Tuesday my commute flys past as I listen to the podcast. It's trffic
...this would surely make me one. The guys are always funny, Phil's impressions always brilliant and I have to listen every week. I'd feel lost without this podcast, especially as an expat in the USA where football has a different meaning.
Always a fun listen! I must admit I hate the Redknapp 'impersonation' at the beginning too, the rest makes up for it though!! COYS from all at the Los Angeles Spurs Supporters Club!!
Great show, funny, informative, and witty. A must for all spurs fans.
I absolutely love the Spurs Show. The delightful hilarity mixed with good discussions on the club makes this a good pick-me-up after a boring day at the office.
More discussion less "mate" banter.
I am a huge Spurs fan and was dissapointed in The Spurs Show. The show is marred by vapid banter and a significant lack of any balanced discussion. If that is your thing, then give The Spurs Show a go. If that is not your thing, then try C**k on Ball. A significantly higher quality and much more enjoyable Tottenham Hotspur podcast.
The Spurs Show is always a treat for us put-upon Spurs fans. Phil and Mike and their regular and irregular guests provide insightful insight and analytical analysis with a decent dose of humour that encapsulates the topsy-turvy rollercoaster earthquake-like experience of following Tottenham Hotspur, by far the greatest team the world has ever seen. And the loop of Chas 'n' Dave in the background gives me goose bumps.
I would have given this four stars, as it is a great discussion of a great team. However, some one needs to tell Phill Cornwell that that weird foreign language thing he does in the beginning of every show is annoying and atrociously unfunny.
This show is my link between living here in Chicago and listening to people that love and support the club as much as i do. The fans here just don't cut the mustard for footie banter like back on the mainland. So this is my football retreat. Although, Paolo has not got a clue in my opinion, but you can't ask for everything now. Truly great show that somehow seems to emulate the Spurs themselves. Thanks for all your effort and hard work Mike n Phil, when Phil shows up of course!
This is the podcast for you. Phil and Mike know it all about the Spurs and their take on the team is simply awesome. I've learned so much about Tottenham's history from these guys plus they're very funny. The show is very addictive.
Absoultely fantastic. I love these guys, the show is great, hilarious, and of course they moan with so much class. What more could the true Spurs fan want?