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This podcast is the crap


Don’t waste your time. They provide zero original analysis and their work is entirely derivative. If you are serious about fantasy football, steer VERY clear of this garbage
Can’t say enough how much I love this podcast. I’ve been playing fantasy for a decade plus and find this podcast not only the most informative but also the most entertaining. Some of the other fantasy shows can take up to 15-30 min sometimes before getting to talking Fantasy while Jamie, Adam, Dave and Heath find the perfect balance of Joking around or talking about personal stuff and getting to the content they know you came to hear. Also this pod has timestamps in the description which is super helpful if your looking for something specific. All in all for me it’s the #1 place I come to for fantasy info and the show just keeps getting better and better. These guys are great follows on Twitter and are really good about answering your questions there or in e-mail. #Gottagobye
I killed the Xm subscription and missed fantasy talk. This was a perfect filler. Listened several seasons now and the banter is great. The advice keeps my teams in the top 4 without having to watch every game.


By 09SamG
There is the right amount of humor injected into the podcast to keep it light. The majority of time is spent discussing fantasy. My favorite part is the contrasting opinions. Heath seems to contradict Jamey and Dave on everything from players to strategy. I do enjoy the difference of opinions. I’ve listened to a few different ff podcasts and I always come back to this one.
Love these guys. A++++
I was going to give this podcast a 4 star review and then Adam praises the worst color-commentator of all time, Jason Whitten. That take just completely undermined all respect I had for Adam. Sorry David, Jamie, and Heath. If he keeps going with this BS, the stars will keep going down.
I must say I listened to these guys and all they talked about was playing a game which was as an add for that episode. Anytime the one guys was asked a question it was a quick yes and he’d say I’m playing a game... many other better fantasy podcasts
The host has no opinions of his own and always gets talked out of his stance. The drops are bad, the sound is bad, Adam is a joke. Not worth a listen
I hate fantasy football pods that get too schticky, use bits, try to be cool/hipster wannabes. This is exact opposite. Heath Cummings may be a robot? Thank goodness for Adam to keep metrics (& conversation!) flowing, even if other guys make him seem goofy (aren’t all non-robots?).
I’m shocked that this is put out by CBS this podcast sounds terrible mostly audio but also content. The “host” seems to be the only person into doing the show everyone else seems very disinterested. MUST better fantasy football podcasts.
I have gotten very involved in my Fantasy Football due to this podcast. I am a rookie and they definitely help you get involved and let you know who you should pick up or drop. Podcasts almost everyday! Love it!!!! Koert in Illinois

By CG-11
Funny, Entertaining, and Informative. Love listening to these guys during my drives or shower.
Best Fantasy football podcast out there. The crew keeps it light and fun and make it an easy listen, while giving great expert advice.
Straight forward approach, no fluff, fun discussions and insight provided every episode. Dave, Jamey, Heath, and Adam are the dudes! Keep up the great work guys!


Very good podcast!
Do you want humor, advice, and a lack of ridiculous patronizing commentary? Do you want to be treated like your not an idiot moron? This is the fantasy football podcast for you! Wait wait wait, I’ve got one more.... bye, gotta go
Enjoy the Sunday night podcast


By Msm1488
Google assistant just pulls from CBS’s own projections, which are made by one person and you can just check on the app...dumb
I’ve tried them all. FOR YEARS. this has been, by far the most consistent podcast when it comes to quality content, and even more importantly, the most consistent analysts. If you’re in my league, disregard this review, and listen to the ESPN one.
I’ve been listening for about 8 years now and I’ve tried other podcasts but nothing compares. ESPN is too ridiculous fantasy pros isn’t ridiculous enough. These guys do it right. Stellar advice. Winning my leagues for years / Yahoo platinum rating thanks to these guys. Pushing for the top 1%. Best football podcast forrrrrr suurrreeee.
It sounds like you all would rather be somewhere else then this podcast. Aside from host there is no personality.
Jamey, Dave, Heath, and Adam provide great insights and provide a vast amount of facts for listeners to be able to make decisions every week. The four have varying opinion that make the podcast great to listen. Please retire "Team Name Tuesday." Got to go, bye!
While other podcasts try to make sitcoms(Matthew berry) out of their podcasts, cbs gives you an hour a day of informed stats and opinions that really help in fantasy decisions, tweet Aizer about a lineup decision and it’s usually answered in minutes.....we’ll see if that holds true post the baby being born😂
I have used many sites’ podcasts for years to get decent fantasy advice. I now use CBS only and I love it. Great chemistry between Dave, Jamey, Heath and DJ Milk. Great fantasy advice that has helped me win two years in a row! Vick or Ryan?
Jamey always seems to acts like Arrogant and throws tantrums when people don’t agree with him Also seems to have days when he’s grumpy and gives short answers like it cost him to be there and doesn’t seem to even acknowledge anyones opinion. Also Jamey and heath always seem to gain up on either Dave or the host
Jamey says “alluded” like he has a quota to hit every show. Dave’s takes change with the wind, with a process that contradicts itself frequently. Heath is alright.
I appreciate the useful information with a side of comedy and no filler talk.
I’ve been listening to this podcast for over 4 years. It’s the only one I listen to. Used to listen to the Pinhead on ESPN but I’ve never seen or heard a guy with such a big ego that every sentence starts with an “I” and he’s never been wrong in his life (despite 3 marriages). Hope you guys come back to Philly this year so we can repeat!


By zzzz589
Have tried to keep listening but that Jamey dude is so bad!!!
I've listened for many years and love this podcast. The combination of Dave, Jamey, Heath and Adam gives you a daily/weekly perspective all year long. I know that there may be some of you that want just stats If you listen long enough you'll realize that you get that and much more. These guys provide fantasy relivent player stats while answering the listeners questions seamlessly. Everyone knows it's really Adams show just by the respect he is given. Humor and content with Dave singing a song wins every time...... And yes, Die Hard is a Christmas Movie
Adam (great personality) is the heart of the show. Couldn’t have a nicer host. The experts are great too. Jamie has great insights, but sometimes it is hard to tell the difference in voices between Dave and Heath. I like that you can actually hear them talk, not scream like rambling idiots on other shows. This is my first stop when the daily downloads show up on my iPhone. Well done!


Overall the show is mildly informative even for a mild fantasy footballer. The lack of personality and monotone voice from Jamey Eisenberg really makes the show an absolute snoozefest.
I have been using Fantasy Football podcasts for several years to help me get an edge in my fantasy football leagues and out of the many choices out there I find that CBS Fantasy Football Today is the best. The guys have a natural interplay and seem to really enjoy one another's company while dispensing intelligent information. There's an art to providing stats and insights without being dry and boring - same is true to not going overboard with gimmicks and being full of "bits" to the point of where the podcast becomes some sort of bad comedy wannabe...that's where many podcasts dwell, like ESPN's. These guys don't need lots of audio drops and flash - they just talk to each other and to us listeners and it's fun and entertaining.
Why do you hate your job. Barter yet, why do I feel like you hate your job?
And one of my favorite podcasts period. Great mix of useful information and entertaining presentation. A+ all around.
The other 3 guys are pretty good but Adam sounds like he just started playing fantasy football. His takes are so bad and he most of the time the other 3 don’t even agree with him. I’d like it a lot more with a new host
This podcast is great!!! The only thing I would change is not listening to you guys sooner.
I listen to a lot of fantasy football podcasts. You guys are the most entertaining. Thanks for the info and the laughs.
Their knowledge of fantasy football is amazing. They helped me win 2/3 leagues last year, and now I never miss an episode!
I have been listening to the crew for over a year now, and this is the best FF podcast on the web. They get to the content quickly and answer real questions that we all deal with in our season. They answered several of my questions both over email and on the show. They helped me win my leagues points scored title last year. Keep up the great work guys!
Love you guys. Each compliments the other guy very well. Can’t wait for training camp so we can hear more of y’all!!!
It’s so good that I don’t tell the guys in my league! Helps me get an advantage! Lord knows I need it...
The best! Listen to the all year long since 2010. Since then, won 5 championships. Should tell you something. Love em.
The gold standard in fantasy podcasts. All analysts bring something to the table and Aizer does an excellent job as host asking relevant Qs and keeping the discussion moving. Excellent regularly.
This podcast has been crucial to my success at fantasy. I recommend it to everyone who doesn’t play in the same leagues as me, and I mean that seriously.
I have been trying to get into your podcasts. I listen to the fantasy footballers and fantasy pros as well. I like your content but I can always under stand what you all are saying. The mumbling is frustrating and I don’t understand how haven’t caught this.
Continuously have bad takes and the time and time again to prove to be wrong. And when they have a guy on who has sense and knows what he’s talking about they all disagree with him just yell over each other. Mostly the host doesn’t know what he’s talking about ever.