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Great podcast outside of Heath Cummings tanking Wentz too low in dynasty.
Love you guys. Each compliments the other guy very well. Can’t wait for training camp so we can hear more of y’all!!!
One of my favorite podcasts! Thanks for doing them
It’s so good that I don’t tell the guys in my league! Helps me get an advantage! Lord knows I need it...
This podcast does an excellent job of providing the latest most accurate fantasy football news while allowing the analyst personality to show. I listen to their opinions, verify facts and come up with my own decisions. Good times listening. I’m an Adam Aizer listener!
The best! Listen to the all year long since 2010. Since then, won 5 championships. Should tell you something. Love em.
I have been a regular listener for 2 years now, I have tried numerous fantasy football podcasts and this is one of the only ones I listen to on a regular basis. Very knowledgeable hosts, and they are also entertaining to listen to with just the right amount of humor without getting corny. Great listen for the commute or workout, I highly recommend this podcast!
These guys are the best in the business! Been listening to the podcast for 5 years now and they really give amazing advice. If you're looking for lame entertainment go watch the Matthew Berry show, but if you're looking to win your league then this is the podcast for you!
The gold standard in fantasy podcasts. All analysts bring something to the table and Aizer does an excellent job as host asking relevant Qs and keeping the discussion moving. Excellent regularly.
This podcast has been crucial to my success at fantasy. I recommend it to everyone who doesn’t play in the same leagues as me, and I mean that seriously.
Just ignore Dave all together and you have a very informative podcast on your hands.
I have been trying to get into your podcasts. I listen to the fantasy footballers and fantasy pros as well. I like your content but I can always under stand what you all are saying. The mumbling is frustrating and I don’t understand how haven’t caught this.
Continuously have bad takes and the time and time again to prove to be wrong. And when they have a guy on who has sense and knows what he’s talking about they all disagree with him just yell over each other. Mostly the host doesn’t know what he’s talking about ever.
Best content of any FF podcast out there!
He can be so condescending and obnoxious. How CBS thinks investing in him as a daily podcast host is smart is beyond me.
It’s great getting so many different perspectives in one show! No one should ever just do what some guy says. Where’s the fun in that? I like listening to everyone’s info and forming my own opinions. This show is great for that. Dave, Jamey and Heath bring 3 totally different styles and attitudes to the show, and although Adam sells himself short as being “just a host” his takes and questions are super insightful as well. No sound effects or theme music needed... the show is so good as is. I would never tell any of my league mates about this podcast... that’s the ultimate seal of approval ; )
I listen to too much fantasy football podcasting, so I will take this for what it is and still listen, but these guys just told me Devontae Booker would beat out Royce Freeman because the Broncos had a “2nd or 3rd” round draft capital in Booker.. he was a 4th round pick. That’s a day 2 to day 3 difference between freeman and booker. That information is just wrong and was the basis for their conclusion. How do we trust that?
Was told about this podcast from a friend and listened to it and it was horrible. Jamey seems to know a good amount but is too cocky, dave seems ok and Adam is the worst and doesn’t seem like he has a clue about fantasy football and has annoying voice. All they do is make fun of Adam for his bad picks and useless knowledge. I should of known that this was a bad podcast because my friend who only listens to this podcast has never won a championship in our league for the past 6yrs. I’m off to listen to Pro Football Focus and the Fantasy Pros podcasts
Informative and amusing. The right amount of time is spent on each subject and they actually focus on football. The hosts have great rapport and compliment each other well.
Funny, informative, and, best of all, indispensable if you want to dominate your fantasy league.
This podcast is very informative. Every expert is very informed and give great advice on sleepers, busts, and breakouts. Great start or sit advice as well. Also great position breakdowns to help you draft before the season! Adam (host), Dave, Jamey, and Heath (experts) are all very entertaining! Wonderfulul year round fantasy baseball coverage. Dave is low-key one of the funniest people I've ever heard
All star cast that tackles daily news, speculates (and is often correct) on a player’s fantasy outlook, breaks down a player’s role on their team from a multitude of angles and perspectives and does it all with a sincere, humorous (but not over the top) approach. I tried out a few other FF podcasts but they pale in comparison to Adam, Dave, Jamey and Heath. Plus, they make you feel like you’re part of the team, as they read off our emails and voicemails on their show, which was cool when I had mine read! I’ve been glued to these guys for years now and have been in back to back championships due to their top notch advice and rankings. Thanks guys!
I wake up wether it’s offseason or we’re in full football mode and my day is made with someone’s bailing on being bamboozled or Dave is dishing out the most oddball facts! Best of the best! Thank you Adam, Dave, Jamie and Speith
Great content, great hosts. I won both of my leagues last year, they helped.
Echo chamber
CBS is a pretty good podcast, second only to The Fantasy Footballers in my opinion. Listening to both podcasts alongside each other will give you a very comprehensive guide to winning your fantasy leagues. If you have the time, I highly recommend both podcasts and nothing else!
They are the BEST. Not a 3 ring comedy circus like some other BUG name pods and they are on year round not just during the season. The host Adam adds just enough fun but keeps it to a minum so its not just dry stats. I have stopped listening to the World Wide leader and these guys brought me home a CHAMPIONSHIP in a BIG $$$$ league. % stars isn't enough.
This pod gets it right. They focus on the information you need each week and have great chemistry between the hosts and analysts that keeps thing moving.
I think this is a great show there’s enough humor but it doesn’t get overpowering and Adam does a great job at keeping everyone on track. Personally I get the most help from heath bc he makes good logical decisions where Jamie is a little more go off a feeling type of guy. Dave is a good well rounded analyst. I would like to see Adam give his opinion a little more. And Die Hard is not a Christmas movie!
I subscribe and listen to a few Fantasy football podcasts. When this one has a new episode in my feed, it’s the first one I listen to. Entertaining and great advice.
Great analysts but bad host. Good information all around. Follow them again for sure if the host is changed
Good job guys. You can tell Adam puts in the work but the other guys that are on are off a lot more than they are right. I listen to a lot of different sports podcasts and you guys are right at average.
Unsubscribed due terrible Saved By the Bell parody being played at the end of every episode.
I killed the Xm subscription and missed fantasy talk. This was a perfect filler. Listened all season and Jaime is a smart guy but is a miserable person. Puts a cloud over the fun in the conversation. Luckily football season is not year round or I’d resubscribe to xm
This is my go to podcast. They always have good insight to bring to the table. They get to the point and don’t beat around the bush for half the episode like other podcasts (ESPN). And it’s entertaining.
Adam, Dave, Heath, and Jamey have found their stride. They give great advice, which they backup with stats and experience (instinct). I've been playing FF for 10-years and listened to a lot of different FF podcasts, they are the best by far. And for the record, Die Hard is a Christmas movie!
Less nonsense than the ESPN pod, more analysis and all the hosts are enjoyable to listen to. 5/5
They need to get rid of the podcast league stuff. The majority of their listeners don't want to hear about the other listeners and their boring antics. That includes anything about marriage proposals, haikus, or anything that's produced by millenials with too much time on their hands or a bearded guy with an accustic guitar.
I listen to LOTS of fantasy football podcasts. FFT is certainly the most comprehensive and I really enjoy the hosts and the pace. Regardless of the depth of your league, the players you care about will get SOME mention. Very good information, and enough levity to keep things interesting. I make sure to listen to this one to get ready for the week.
I’ve listened to FFT for about 3 seasons now. Adam, Dave, Jamey, & Heath do a great job breaking down all the information for fantasy football.
Top fantasy football podcast! Why you ask, because they actually talk about fantasy football.
I’ve listened to several podcasts and this one stands out above the rest. The guys deliver great analysis. Been listening for over a year now to and from college & work. You won’t find many hosts like Adam nor fantasy analysts like Jamie, Dave, and Heath. Give it a listen.
I listen to quite a few podcasts throughout the year and one thing I can rely on is that the CBS guys will actually give me fantasy advice based on stats! Other guys banter for 10+ minutes but these guys get right to it and give you the fantasy advice you want! Fantastic podcast. Highly suggest it!
Dave’s my fav!
This has become my go-to Fantasy football podcast over the past few years. Adam, Dave, Jamey and Heath provide good fantasy advice while having a good time doing it.
Dave, Jamey, Adam, & Heath are fantastic.
It’s been a few years since I last played Fantasy Football so I needed to get myself up to speed on the teams and players. This podcast provided all the information I needed and did that in fun way. Thanks guys!
Adam is the best host in the business. I've been listening for probably 5 years or so and they have been a daily source of content for me ever since. I met them in Philadelphia at a live show and they were all very nice people. Good dudes, good football talk, what more can you ask for?


Helps me win my league! Great listen for fantasy fans