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I listen to Scotland Out of Doors weekly. It is like being there, like hearing from a friend or family member tell you about what they are experiencing, seeing, hearing, smelling, touching. The friendliness and intimacy is so engaging. It helps me look for and see the unique beauty of my own surroundings. I am thankful for this podcast. David from Vermont
I live in Alaska in the USA. I have an ancestor from Glasgow and this is THE podcast I look forward to twice a week. Thank you for bringing me home. And keep it up.
One of the Best.
I have listened to every single archived show I can find and cannot get enough. So fascinating to hear all about Scotland locals and current agricultural trends. The descriptions are sometimes breathtaking, and I love to hear the sound scapes — it makes me feel like I’m there! Also the amazing lessons on wildlife and woodlands, the history (LOVED the archive of the John Muir episode!), the nature, craftsmen and women, the farmers & fishermen, the environmental conservation and renewable energy... Love love love the show! You seriously make me feel like I’m right there in Scotland with you!
My week revolves around this podcast! Mark & Euan (Helen, too) always present an incredibly interesting, intriguing, enlightening, & often with a good dose of humor. One listen & you’ll be hooked!
Erudite and informative with the right touch of humor and even some etymology to warm my nerdy heart. This, of all the podcasts I enjoy, is my favorite.
I stumbled across this podcast a wee while ago and love it. The variety of topics covered is wonderful and I particularly love the interviews especially those in the North east where listening to these Doric accents reminds me of the years I spent in Aberdeen at university and working 40 years ago. Now as an ex pat living in Ojai California it is so heartwarming to turn on these podcasts and listen getting a great flavour of home which helps me through the months till I can return to my other Scottish home in Raasay .
Love this podcast and I can almost see what you describe and makes me want to go there all the more!! I would love to hear your take on tourists from American and are they good stewards of the earth in other countries?
So glad this is on i-Tunes as it makes it so much easier to keep up with! This show is always relaxing, informative, fun and - it always makes me wish I was right there in Scotland with them.
It is amazing, yet no surprise so many people around the world listen to this program. You take us to a lot of places we would never know about. Now we want to go too. Please keep it up.
Still listening and enjoying from Washington State, USA. It amazes me how they can find so much to say about the wildlife and outdoor adventures in such a small country. Always a good listen.
As an exiled Scot, I look forward to this podcast every week. The team are all skilled at using the medium of radio to evoke the spirit of the Scottish countryside and never fail to make me wish I could be there in person.
Full of history, nature, recreation, environment and stories of the people of Scotland. I live in the USA and have been to Scotland once, fortunate to experience Edinburgh, Orkney and West Highlands. This podcast takes me back there and beckons a future return. Over the past several years I've listened to quite a number of different podcasts related to my various interests. And none, not a one, are done as well as this one. Well, except for maybe History of the World in 100 Objects. Like old bricks, we'll call it a draw.
Because of the evocative descriptions of the Scottish landscape, people, and outdoor offerings, last year my wife and I spent our second honeymoon walking in Scotland (and enjoying the hospitality and single malts). On day 2 of 8, we started talking about next time (this year). Scotland Outdoors is a great teaser for what we're looking forward to and a great resource for dreaming about the coming trip!
My wife and I listened to your account of the Grey Mare's Tail in our house on the coast of Maine. I could almost reach out and touch the spray of these lovely falls. Our family used to hike there in the 1950's en route to Loch Skene, and beyond. Great program.
I am not from Scotland, but this is still one of my favorite podcasts. Makes is seem like I have been there and experienced something new. Sometimes funny too - like the time it sounded like someone fell out of an inflatable kayak and the microphone was gurgling in the water. Good stuff.