Beyond Belief

Reviews For Beyond Belief

I wish we had religion coverage comparable to this in the States.
The moderator has perfect timing, lets the guest make their points but keeps the whole thing moving.
I really enjoyed this podcast and the contrasting perspectives it offers to different topics. I am very sad that no new podcasts have been posted since March? Has it come to an end?
This podcast is the most intellectually stimulating on the subject of spirituality that you will find. A broad range of pertinent topics and a broad range of perspectives, with healthy dialogue and interaction. It does not run all year long, but last year it ran Jan-Mar and June-Aug. So if the queue is empty, subscribe anyway and hang in there until the programs arrive.
I'm eager to start listening, but although I've been checking for months I've never seen anything available.
This podcast is off to a great start. I hope the updates come regularly. I wish we had more of this sort of discussion on radio in the United States.
radio 4 is one of the things most missed when you move away from england ... when do we get to hear any programs???