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I have this on my iTunes. I keep on trying to unsubscribe but my iTunes automactically crashes. The reason is because there is an anoying popup that asks me to sign in. I will be watching a movie then it gets iterrupted with that annoying pop up! The program isn't that good! The people are annoying! The lessons are horrible! I tried using some of the Korean in Korea and I got corrected. I cannot say enough bad things about this program. There are way better programs out there.
I always wonder that why most of foreigner speak in Korean very shortly. they speak impolitely. I found the reason It's because of program like this. The dialog is awkward & not authentic. For example, we don't say "또 아파요? 어휴" at drugstore. Even we don't talk all of like that. 상황의 한숨은 상대방이 한심하다고 생각될때 하는 행동인데 약국에 온 손님한테 또 아프냐며 한숨을 쉬다니.. 헐.손님이 또 아파서 왔는데 그게 한심함??? It's ridiculous!!!!!!!!! 대화문 만든 사람은 한국어만 할줄 알지 한국문화나 실제 상황은 모르는듯하네요. 책읽듯이 하는 대화도 한국인으로서 듣기 거북하네요. If there is someone who wanna learn Korean with this program, I don't wanna recommend. 영어도 배울겸 몇번 들어봤는데 듣는 내내 너무 어이가 없네요. 일본어방송도 듣고 있는데 혹시 일본어 방송도 이런 뉘양스로 방송하는건 아닌지 걱정이 앞서네요. 근데 이상하게 한국말 대화는 이상한데 영어로 번역한 대화는 왜 자연스럽게 들릴까요? 영어지상주의의 한국의 병폐일까요? 어휴~
I think they are good. Helps to listen 2-3 times. Only complaint is they ramble between each other. Kind of annoying when I'm in my zone to learn korean.
I think they are good. Helps to listen 2-3 times. Only complaint is they ramble between each other. Kind of annoying when I'm in my zone to learn korean.
It's been a whole year and I am still glad I have it. I am learning slowly. But this is so much better than books or expensive software. Love having real people to contact on their social site <3
I had orignially signed up for the class online thinking I was getting help from learning a second languge for free... But as the saying goes - nothing is ever free. So now I am charged a 100 bucks to my account for podcasts that were not much of any help me in learning Korean. If anything I highly suggest looking into your local library and seeing if they offer any online classes to help in learning a second language. These for sure are free.
Enjoying these podcasts. After having lived in Korea 3 years, but very long ago, my Korean was rusty. Ordering an authentic meal and knowing what I want is true bliss!
I'm so glad to find free language lessons. I'm trying to learn different languages just for past time. And now I'm learning korean. this podcast will help me alot. Hoping for more lessons to come.. Thank you very much.
Each lesson is well-presented, practical, and in most cases, quite funny. For at least the lower levels, the lyrics for each lesson contain the romanization and English translation. There are episodes for different levels. The video lessons are also great.
I can easily learn Korean in just about 8 minutes of my commute time going home after work. The free podcast lessons are so structured and fun that I can remember and use what I learned and never forget it.
The free podcasts are complemented by non-free material available on their website, which everyone can access through their free 7-days trial. As a newbie to Korean, I have been quite impressed: it is highly professional, lively, interesting, the voice of actors is great and stimulating, the flow of information is remarkably well-paced. There is a variety of material, that makes thoughtful use of technology (for ex. short and nice iPod vocabulary videos). I am grateful for all this audios, PDFs and videos I could download for free. UNFORTUNATELY, when I decided to subscribe to their much touted $10/month plan, I discovered that I had to pay $240 for 24 months. Call me naive if you want, but my feeling is: cutting-edge technology for the lessons, good old bait-and-switch for the pricing.
This podcast blows everyone out of the water... or at least from what I have heard so far from this podcast and others. The voices are nice to listen to, and it is pretty easy to learn from. So I highly recommend this podcast to everyone that is serious about learning the Korean Language!
The lessons are planned and executed well so that listeners can really learn and absorb quickly. The hosts are professional yet very personal; they focus on just the right bits and hence making each lesson easily understandable but the best part is that they make use of very interesting examples that teach Korean culture as well as Korean language. The humour and banter between the hosts keeps me engaged all the time and sometimes even smiling or laughing out loud. Top rate!
It's funny, informational, and just interesting enough to keep me tuned in. I am a Korean born Latin American New Yorker, who's pretty fluent, but has difficulty speaking formarly. This podcasts allows me to be exposed on a daily basis and through listening I keep improving not just my vocab, but also my intonations, inflections, and proper pronunciation. If anything, it makes me want to pursue formal courses and teaches me to love a language I long associated with something tedious and a nuisance (my parents used to force me to speak and I always associated the language with something negative). I am currently a Spanish teacher, and I realized that learning Korean is essential to helping my students since a large part of the student body is Asian. This podcast motivates me to speak properly, and not just broken or enough-to-get by Korean, while at the same time helping me to speak to my students' parents better. Thanks!
The podcast is really enjoyable to listen to and is very helpful in learning the language. It's very clear and they break down everything so that it's easy to understand. They make it seem so easy. You'll learn something in the first Newbie class. And the hosts are fun to listen to, not boring at all like some of the other podcasts I've listened to. Even though they are following a script they don't make it sound robotic. They are very engaging and sound like they enjoy what they are doing which makes me enjoy listening all the more.
I'm also using RosettaStone, this is a totally different, yet just as helpful experience. This podcast gives me the real world usage of words in a format I can understand, with just the right amount of humor to keep me engaged.
What they have listed currently is good and all...but where are the rest of the intro lessons? It lists that it started late into December of 2007 but already on lesson 16 or so. Is there any way to find the previous lessons?
I have been trying to learn Korean in a long period without any kind of base or starting point. After finding KoreanClass101 online, I listened to their podcasts, and now, I have been more eager and determined to learn the language. :) The podcasts are helpful and are fun to listen to. They even have notes that you can look at on your iPod, while following the lessons. This is definitely a good start to learn Korean. It's definitely helpful =D!
I've been living in Korea and studying the language for a year and a half. This is easily one of the best websites for learning Korean. It is certainly one of the most comprehensive Korean language podcasts. Come learn Korean as it is ACTUALLY SPOKEN in Korea!


By johnw73
I hope this helps develope my Korean.