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Sian adds a light touch to the show keeping the men from just groaning about everything. Rhod is happier when she’s there, which makes the show great fun. -listener in the USA who is looking for an escape from the misery over here.
I started listening to this a couple years ago and LOVED it. Then a couple months ago Rhod's wife started being on nearly every show. It's not nearly as funny as it was; instead of witty banter and lots of laughs, it has devolved into an averagely-OK program.
this loser recomends rhod gilbert's best bits. it is a wonderful and addicting (and wonderful. did i already say that?) podcast. rhod has excellent friends to help him showcse his many strange obsessions and predicaments. lloyd, korky and eggsy will make you laugh and congratulate youself for listening. to all the production team and dylan dawes, good job and thank you from washington state (the other washington).
Pretty witty city
Very wry, very funny podcast from Wales. Only shortcoming is that I wish it were longer. Rhod is a great talker and brings out the best in his guests. Definatly worth your time.
Where are you Rhod??? Please return SOON!
It's a shame the podcast seems to have vanished!!
I have been listening to this podcast for about a year now. Every episode is funny. Rod is a very self-effacing comedian, with clever social references and unbelievable timing. Even my 19 year old loves listening to him. Highly recommended.
I subscribed to this podcast about early December '07. Every podcast is a fun listening pleasure where I hope there is a live simulcast through Radio Wales on the internet to listen to as well. Podcasts are under 30 minutes, very entertaining and guaranteed to put a grin on your face. Keep up the good work Rhod! Craig Buffalo, NY, USA