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Love this show...fanny!
Hey man, great idea with trying to make the memory of the world's greatest show alive. However, I really don't think that it's right to blame "the flyover states" for the cancellation of the show, when in fact it is all of america that's to blame for the end of the show. I think it's time for us as fans to come to blows with the fact that most of the people in the states simply aren't into super smart and witty things on primetime tv anyomre. Especially when they'd rather watch mindless things like family guy or pretty little liars.
Everyone I know loved this show, thousands across the Internet claim the same maybe higher powers axed the show before it caught on so they wouldn't have to compete with a show of such high comedic standards. Just because they say the ratings were low doesn't mean they were. Enron claimed They were making a profit for years when they really had nothing. Americans aren't as dumbed down as you think if what floats across these messageboards are true! Just something to think about.
Okay bro, I live in the "fly over states" I know this show better than anyone I have met, better than yourself I would be brave enough to say. I watch the show allllll the time and have been through the entire series more times than I know or can possibly recall. Just because I live equally apart from a coast makes no differences in my intellectual abilities to understand the greatest show ever made. And I have handfuls of friends who also love this show. So please my extremely ignorant and moronic friend (I call you this because you love arrested development as i do, and anyone who loves this show is a friend of mine) lay off the midwest because that is one of the stupidest reasons for this show being cancelled I have ever heard, COME ON!
The only reason this podcast doesn't have a one star average ranking is because some people thought they were ranking the show itself and gave it 5 stars. The guy who does the podcast is horrible. He whines about how it's not fair that shows like this get cancelled while other shows he doesn't think are funny don't. Like his sense of humor is somehow quantifiably better. He also blames this on "flyover states."
the show got cancled because of bad ratings. im not sure it had anything to do with what he calls "flyover states" which he seems obsessed with. if you liked the show i would avoid this podcast.
Lame podcast awesome show. i hope they do end up coming out with a movie that would be awesome bring back the bluths! The Bluth family even reminds me of my own family very weird
People these days dont deserve a show like this ....
arrested development was my favorite show of all time and americans need to learn what is funny! stupid shows that everyone thinks r funny thrive and r not....arrested development is! BRING BACK ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT NOW!
I love this EVERYTHING about this series: cast, writing, acting... A day doesn't go by that I don't feel sad about it getting canceled.
Me and my family love arrested develpment and we really like that there is atleast a podcast! Hopefully next there will be video podcasts!